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2020 Bespin Trials

November 23, 2020 January 4, 2021 UTC

This event has no prize support.

Event Structure

  • Players will play one game a week for a total of 6 weeks.
  • Swiss tournament pairings for all 6 weeks.
  • This event is part of the 2020 Squad Commander Series. Players are automatically registered for the SCS by participating in this event, and can opt-out by contacting the Event Organizer.

Order of Play

  • All players must match their account name to either their Zions Finest Slack or IACP Discord username so they can be contacted by their opponents to set up their games.
  • Players should discuss which online tabletop system to use. The default system to use is Vassal, though players may both agree to use a different system of online play.
  • Players may agree to setting a timer for 75 minutes; when the timer ends, players finish the current round and end the game.
  • Use the IACP Discord Server for voice chat. (Join the server using this link.)
    • Players may use “@judge” to page an event judge for questions. Judges may not be available from 4:00 AM to 2:00 PM GMT. If a judge cannot help, players should agree to a resolution & consult the Event Organizer as soon as the game ends.
  • Both players should report their results on the event page.


  • Pairings are announced each Monday at noon Eastern Time. Contact your opponent promptly through Slack or Discord.
  • If you cannot play and your opponent can, assign your opponent the win.
  • If neither player can play, both players will be assigned a loss.
  • Games that are not completed by Mondays at noon Eastern Time will be automatically recorded as losses for both players.

Army Restrictions

  • Standard 40 Deployment Point army, 15 Command cards, 15-point Command card deck.
  • You may change armies between games.
  • IACP Approved Format
    • No requirement to use at least 1 IACP Approved cards.
    • If IACP has changed an existing FFG card, you must use the IACP version.

Map and Mission Rotation

  • Prior to each match, players will decide which list they wish to use. When the players meet, they will choose a mission from the official rotation at random.
  • In the first week, players will randomly choose a mission from Coruscant Senate Offices, Endor Defense Station, or ISB Headquarters.
  • In the second and subsequent weeks, players will randomly choose a mission from Chopper Base, Atollon; Coruscant Senate Offices; or ISB Headquarters.

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