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Season 2 Playtest League #2

Once per activation, you may spend 2 movement points to put on your angry eyes.

September 30, 2019 @ 8:00 am 5:00 pm EDT


The Playtest League is designed for all players to have one game a week utilizing the current Season’s content. Players are encouraged to play as competitive as possible but, once the game is over, share their experience with their opponents in order to better evaluate the strength or weaknesses of the current Season’s content.

  • 5 Weeks, Swiss Pairings. Last week of play: October 28th thru November 3rd, 2019
  • Standard 40 Deployment Point army, 15 point Command card deck
  • Your army must contain at least 1 IACP Deployment card OR 1 IACP Command card.
    • You may change your army between games.
    • If you’d like to play an army with no IACP cards for one or more weeks, contact the Event Organizer.
  • After each game report your testing results in the Season 2 Playtest Survey.
  • Contact your opponent promptly. If you cannot play and your opponent can, assign your opponent the win.
  • Games that are not completed by Mondays at noon Eastern Time will be automatically recorded as a tie. (If both players wish, this game can be played later and updated.)

Weekly Map Assignments

  1. Endor Defense Station – B. Claim the Ruins (September 30-October 6th)
  2. Endor Defense Station – A. Renovation (October 7th-13th)
  3. To Be Determined (October 14th-20th)
  4. To Be Determined (October 21st-27th)
  5. To Be Determined (October 28th-November 3rd)

Event Organizer

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