Rebellions are built on hope

London IACP Regional Championships 2020

Dark Sphere Megastore Unit 8 W12 Shopping Centre, London

Host of the Built on Hope podcast and Steering Committee member of the IACP Isaac Cajo presents The London IACP Regional Championships for 2020!  Situated in the Shepard's Bush Dark Sphere megastore, this event will be an opportunity for players old and new to explore the IACP (Sidenote, Season 3 of the IACP will be […]

Season 3 Playtest League #2

IACP Challonge Community

Join us for 5 weeks of league play using the newest IACP cards!


Season 3 Playtest League #3

After each game report your testing results in Season 3 playtest survey.3 weeks, one game a week. Standard 40 Deployment Point army, 15 point Command card deckYour army must contain at least 1 IACP Deployment card OR 1 IACP Command card. (Official Changes PDF)You may change your army between games.If you'd like to play an army with no […]


2020 Dagobah Trials

Sharpen your skills in this 6-week competitive tournament!