IACP Community Locator (Beta Test)

While Vassal and Tabletop Simulator are great ways to play Imperial Assault skirmish online with players from all around the world, nothing beats real plastic on a real table with real people in the flesh! With COVID vaccinations now available to the general public and general easing of restrictions on public gatherings, we are seeing more people looking for places to play Skirmish in person with other people.

Use the table below to find your local community. Contact these communities by reaching out to folks on Slack/Discord, or joining their listed social media groups if they have one.

Discord: https://discord.gg/vrCNGst4
Slack: https://join.slack.com/t/zionsfinestia/shared_invite/zt-g832n02s-tjm6ni90iEZCg~~pt3bV1w

Help us Build Local Imperial Assault Communities!

This page is intended to help you find a local skirmish community in or near your city or town. But we need your help to build it! If you are interested in being a part of a local skirmish community, make sure to submit your information using this form. Even if you already see your city listed here, we’d love to be able to show how many people are playing in each location and be able to show where our online community members are located so that people in the same location can have a chance to connect in-person rather than just online. Imagine finding out that someone you talk on Slack or Discord every week about IA happens to live just a few miles away!

You’ll need to include your Slack or Discord handle and your city, but we also appreciate if you can include your store name/address and your contact information so we can facilitate in-person meetups growing local gaming communities.

Be an Ambassador for your Local Community!

Also, please let us know in the Notes section if you are willing to be a point of contact for your local community so we can include your contact information on the map.

Be Safe!

Remember when playing in public spaces to follow all state and business social distancing guidelines and rules for interacting in public to be safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Make sure you’re fully vaccinated and boosted if you can be, and keep an approved mask on you and wear it whenever you can.

Expanding the Imperial Assault skirmish and IACP communities outside of just the scope of online discussion and play will be a huge step in helping this community thrive and make it easier than ever to find other players that love Imperial Assault and want to play.

City – State/CountryVerified PlayersPlay Location – Social Media – Other Info
Salt Lake City – UT/USAName: Kenny Brown
Slack/Discord Handle: Kenny (Tiger.Tail on Discord)
Name of Play Location: Demolition Games

Address of Play Location: 85 W 3300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Other Details:
Lafayette – IN/USAName: Ryan Koehlinger
Slack/Discord Handle: rdkoehlinger
Email: accnts.rdkoehlinger@gmail.com
Name of Play Location: Tier 1 Games

Address of Play Location: 2200 Elmwood Ave d7, Lafayette, IN 47904

Other Details: I can also play in Indianapolis.

I can be a point of contact/ambassador.
Roseville – MN/USAName: Jake Petersen
Slack/Discord Handle: @Jake P
Name of Play Location: GameZenter

Address of Play Location: 1975 County Road B2, Roseville
Littleton – CO/USAName: Jesse Betz
Slack/Discord Handle: jbetz#8129
Name of Play Location: Wizard’s Chest

Address of Play Location: 451 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203
Phoenix – AZ/USAName: Joey Galeziewski
Slack/Discord Handle: ClunytheMad
Portland – OR/USAName: Noa Pestana
Slack/Discord Handle: TVboy
Name of Play Location: The Portland Game Store

Address of Play Location: 922 N Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97217

Other Details:
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/893364377393512/
Seattle – WA/USA
Name: Kyle Bossom
Slack/Discord Handle: Decrepitcaesar
Atlanta – GA/USAName: Blaide
Slack/Discord Handle: Blaide
Miami – FL/USAName: Herbie
Slack/Discord Handle: Herbie
Houston/Galveston – TX/USAName: Shawn Hillen
Slack/Discord Handle: Smalltoybox
Other Details: Skirmish IACP
There are a few lgs around that can be a local meet up.
Montreal – Canada
Name: Christian Guibourt
Slack/Discord Handle: Christian Guibourt
Winnipeg – CanadaName: Derek
Slack/Discord Handle: Derek
Name of Play Location: A Muse N Games

Address of Play Location: 576 Wall St, Winnipeg

Other Details: Look for our Facebook Group:
Imperial Assault, Winnipeg MB
Abbotsford – BC, CanadaName: Morgan Gee
Slack/Discord Handle: Mastermoge

Name: Carson Gee
Slack/Discord Handle: DoorDoNot
Name of Play Location: Craving for a game

Address of Play Location: 10153 King George Blvd #2293, Surrey, BC V3T 2W1

Other Details: Check out our Facebook group: SW: Imperial Assault Vancouver
Mexico City – MexicoName: Jaime Villavicencio
Slack/Discord Handle: Villavicencio·3133
Perth – Western AustraliaName: Luke
Slack/Discord Handle: N/A
Name of Play Location: The Dice Club

Address of Play Location: 8 Tuohy Ln, Midland WA 6056

Other Details: Thursday nights (and other times by arrangement). Join The Dice Club group on Facebook to find the chat group to confirm meetups.
London – UK
Name: David Gao
Slack/Discord Handle: David/Penguizaur

Name: Joe Nye
Slack/Discord Handle: Anyeilator

Name: Breccan
Slack/Discord Handle: Estarriol

Name: Jason Hunt
Slack/Discord Handle:  JasonHunt
Name of Play Location: Leisure Games

Address of Play Location: 100 Ballards Ln, London N3 2DN

Other Details: Contact David for tournaments and casual events throughout the United Kingdom and join us on the Built on Hope podcast for skirmish discussion!
Hastings – UKName: Breccan
Slack/Discord Handle: Estarriol
Name of Play Location: Galleon Games

Address of Play Location: 56 Ninfield Rd, Sidley, Bexhill-on-Sea TN39 5AB
Exeter, Devon – UKName: RoyalRich
Slack/Discord Handle: RoyalRich#8458
Brussels – BelgiumName: Spelclub Gilde der landsknechten
Name of Play Location: Republieksken

Address of Play Location: Sint Ulriks Kapelle – Dilbeek

Other Details: De Gildederlandsknechten.

Discord:  https://discord.gg/nDNWdZhg

Geef een seintje via onze wordpress of onze FB.
Turku – FinlandName: Tuukka Heinonen
Slack/Discord Handle: Tuukka(Duukis)
Örnsköldsvik – SwedenName: Mattias Söderberg
Slack/Discord Handle: Dementis1049#8011
Name of Play Location: ÖSF – Örnsköldsviks Spelförening
Address of Play Location: Nygatan 39B 891 34 Örnsköldsvik
I run the swedish facebook group for IA (Imperial Assault Sweden) and we are 4-5 guys that sometimes play Skirmish at our local gaming club. Hit me up on facebook (I seldom use discord) to meet up and play.
Granada – SpainName: Emilio Romero
Slack/Discord Handle: emirom
Contes – FranceName: Jérôme
Slack/Discord Handle: Jerome06390#7519
Address of Play Location: Nice
Orléans – FranceName: Damien SONCARRIEU
Slack/Discord Handle: Donca Sam
Other Details: Joueur de ASE résidant autour de Nice, dans le Moyen-Pays, chercher joueur sur Nice et environs. Je me déplace facilement. A très bientôt !
Bordeaux – FranceName: wolfodeiwolfi@gmail.com
Slack/Discord Handle: n37rµn²3r#7370
Email: wolfodeiwolfi@gmail.com
Singapore – MalaysiaName: Lutz Rahe

Slack/Discord Handle: Tyrell63
Name of Play Location: Singapore

Address of Play Location: Gallant Games

Other Details: 443, #01-71 Clementi Ave 3, 2nd floor, Singapore 120443