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Squad Commander Series 2020

Starting June 1st, the IACP Squad Commander Series will track player’s progress when competing in qualifying IACP events. The SCS provides a worldwide leaderboard for players to track their successes throughout the rest of the calendar year. Players at the top of the SCS leaderboard will become eligible for special premiere events in 2021 and may earn special prizes.

Players attending a qualifying event will be automatically enrolled into the Squad Commander Series. Players that do NOT want to have their progress tracked should tell the Event Organizer, or email to request to be removed from the Squad Commander Series program.

Squad Commander Series events can be held online or in-person, must use the current Official Changes document — which may require the play of Playtest content — and must be Competitive tier events. Anyone running an IACP event may request their event to be added to the SCS.

Series Scoring Methodology

Series Points (SPs) will be awarded in qualifying events for the following:

  • 1 Series Point for each match loss
  • 2 Series Points for each match win
  • 2 Series Points for making a Top Cut without 1st place
  • 3 Series Points for 1st place in the event
  • 0 Series Points for when a player does not play their assigned match, or when a player is disqualified for cheating or bad sportsmanship

Current Leaderboard

If you feel that your score listed above are not correct, please contact the Steering Committee.