How to Participate

You don’t have to be an Imperial Assault veteran. You don’t have to own everything in Imperial Assault. All you have to do is join the Imperial Assault community with whatever time and effort you have to spare.

All materials that the Project offers are free for you to use to play. You can test the suggested changes we make either via face-to-face games with your local friends or via online matches.

Download the Official Changes document to share with others. You can also print out card images to use when you play in-person. Look for events that utilize IACP changes. When playing online, the most active community of Imperial Assault Skirmish players use Vassal.

List Builders That Support IACP Content

Several IA players have created digital list builders to help assemble your army quickly. Check out our List Builders page for more details.

Submitting Feedback & Connecting With The Community

There are many avenues of communication for you to utilize:

  • Zion’s Finest podcast also hosts a Slack chat service with over 200 active, friendly members. Project team members are regular participants on the Slack in the #iacontinuityproject channel and other channels. Finding pick-up games online to test Project materials is the easiest using ZF Slack. To join the Slack, you’ll need to send an email to requesting to join.
  • The official FFG Imperial Assault forums are the most universal way to talk about IA. The Project team will be primarily posting updates about the project in the Skirmish subforum and will be checking regularly for feedback. The forums are especially great for players new to Imperial Assault Skirmish to learn the basics from players who love to share what they know.
  • During each Season, a Playtest Survey will be made available. This survey will allow you to rate each suggested change during each of your playtest sessions, and share in detail what you liked and didn’t like about the cards you used. Look at the top of the IACP Website’s main page for a link to the Playtest Survey.
  • You can also email the Project team directly:

Playing Online with Vassal

Vassal is a Java-based program that allows simultaneous online play of board games. The Imperial Assault Skirmish module is used by nearly every member of the IA Community for friendly or elite competition. Trevor Peyton, who manages the IA Skirmish module, has added IACP cards as alt-art card selections for Deployments and Command cards. Without his help, the IACP project would be so difficult to share online. You can help support Trevor’s good work by donating to his Patreon.

You can find opponents ready for pick-up play waiting within the Vassal online lobby, or you can make arrangements to play others via Zion’s Finest Slack #lfgvassal channel.