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IACP Official Changes and FAQ Document – v9.2.1 (Updated April 15th, 2024) – Season 9 Approved cards Updated

Currently in Season 10 Playtesting (V10.0) Play

Updated: Season 10 Approved Cards Printable Sheets

The Official Changes is a living document containing which changes, cards and rules are IACP Approved or part of a Season for testing. It’s considered similar to FFG’s Rules Reference Guide and F.A.Q. documents. The Printable Cards sheets contains cards and tokens that you can print and use as play materials: All IACP Approved and current Season cards are included.

The HD Extended Border Images are individual card images with extended bleed borders to be used for professional quality printing services.

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NEW SECTION – Official FFG Rule Documents

All Official FFG Rules pdfs can still be found here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-imperial-assault/

All Official FFG pdfs were downloaded and backed up from the FFG website on 9/25/22.

Additionally, IACP follows the Consolidated Imperial Assault Rules compiled by Imperial Assault Rules Editor for FFG, Pasi Ojala. These rules consolidate the official rules reference with rules from other official sources such as the FFG FAQ and expansion rules as well as documented rules questions emails answered by the Imperial Assault Developers at FFG.

IACP Tournaments follow all of the official FFG rules documents below, including the official tournament rules. If the an official FFG rulebook does contradict an IACP Rules Document, the IACP Document takes priority.

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  • Season 7 Official Changes and FAQ GERMAN (In Progress)

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