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Season 7 Playtest League

May 2, 2022 August 14, 2022 International

Season 7 Playtest League


Players of all experience levels are welcome to join. This event uses the Playtest Format: You will be using cards from the Season 7 Playtest, which may be updated during league play via pre-scheduled patches. Make sure to check what version of Season 7 is being played (denoted as 7.0 through 7.3) All League games will be played online using the Vassal Skirmish module. Players are welcomed to play non-league games using other means including physical print & play and Tabletop Simulator and submit a playtest feedback report, however Vassal logs provide us the easiest way to review games gather data.

How To Register

  1. If you do not already have an account at, create one.
  2. Use this link to register for this event: Season 7 Testing League.

Event Structure

  • Players will be assigned to play one game a week until the week of August 15th, 2022. This assignment will be based on Swiss tournament pairings.
    • Players may sign up after the league starts and get assigned a pairing for the current or following week.
    • Players may opt-out of being assigned a pairing temporarily or for the remainder of the league. Please inform the Event Organizer if you need to stop receiving pairings and for how long.
  • Players are encouraged to play additional games outside of their weekly assigned game. Players can arrange these games with other members of the community on the IACP Discord Server and Zions Finest Slack Skirmish-LFG channel.


  • Pairings are announced each Monday at noon Pacific Daylight Time. Assigned pairings will be displayed on the event page. When the pairings are live, an announcement will be made on the IACP Discord Server and Zions Finest Slack IACP channel.
  • When pairings are announced, contact your opponent promptly through Slack or Discord.
    • If you cannot play and your opponent can, assign your opponent the win.
    • If neither player can play, report this ASAP to the Event Organizer so a new pairing can be created to avoid a double-loss (waiting too long to notify the organizer may make this more difficult.

Order of Play

  • Players should discuss which online tabletop system to use. The default system to use is Vassal.
    • Players will need to save a game log of their match.
  • Players will choose at random a map & mission from the Map Pool (listed below).
    • Players can use the random map picker in Vassal or a player may spin THE WHEEL OF MAPS.
    • If the randomly-selected map was played by one or both players in the previous week, the players will make another random selection.
  • We are asking players to default to a 75 minute timer. This is to protect people’s time and help simulate the most common conditions of competitive tournament play, as well as to avoid ambiguity and frustration if players fail to discuss game parameters before the game starts. Players may both agree to play without a timer if discussed before the start of the game. If so, please make a note in the vassal log that the game was Untimed.
  • Use the IACP Discord Server for voice chat. (Join the server using this link.)
    • Players may use “@judge” to page an event judge for questions. If a judge is not available to help, players should agree to a resolution & consult the Event Organizer as soon as the game ends.
    • Players can also use the #rules channel in the Zions Finest Slack to ask rules questions.
      • Please make sure to check the FAQ entry for the cards in question on the most recent Official Changes pdf listed here before pinging a judge.
  • After completing a game:
    • Before closing the game log, both players should reveal any Command cards that were not revealed. (This allows us to track all Command cards used in a game.)
    • Both players should report their results on the event page.
    • One or both players that have saved the game log of the match should submit it to the Testing League Dropbox folder. The log file should be named in the following format:
      MM-DD-[your name]-vs-[opponent’s name].vlog
    • If a game log can’t be uploaded, both players should fill out the Season 7 Testing League Survey.

How to Create and Upload a Vassal Logfile for IACP Season 7

  • After you load the mission, Vassal will now prompt you to Start a Logfile. Click “Yes”.
  • Choose where you want to save the file and name it using the format above (Date – Your name – Opponent’s name)
  • When your game has completed, reveal all cards that are hidden, then click File > End Logfile
    • You can also close the Vassal window and a prompt will ask if you want to Save the Logfile. Click “Yes”.
    • Save your file with the format, “Date[MM/DD] – Your name – opponent’s name”
  • Go to the Dropbox page linked from the Season 7 Playtest League page in TTO and upload your logfile.
    • Only one player needs to upload their game log, but getting 2 logfiles is better than no logfiles so if in doubt, make sure to upload it. We’ll be able to notice the duplicates if they are properly labeled.
    • Try not to wait too long to upload your game log after playing. Especially when there’s a patch coming, your game might no longer be relevant if you wait too long to upload it.

Army Restrictions

  • Standard 40 Deployment Point army, 15 Command cards, 15-point Command card deck.
  • You may change armies between games.
  • Playtest Format
    • IACP cards that are legal for this event are those that are marked as “IACP Approved” and “Season 7”. You will use Season 7 cards from the most recent version of the IACP Official Changes, alongside IACP Approved cards.
    • Your army or Command deck must use at least one Season 7 card. (Contact the Event Organizer if you wish to run an army that does not meet this requirement.)
    • If IACP has changed an existing FFG card, it is recommended you use the IACP version.

Map & Mission Pool

Players can either use the 3 Tournament Legal maps for IACP, choosing a random mission from the 6. Or, if both players agree, they may spin for a random mission from the wheel of maps, linked below. Each player may veto the current mission once each if they want to.


  • ISB Headquarters
  • Coruscant Senate Office
  • Chopper Base Atollon
  • Anchorhead Cantina
  • Jabba’s Palace
  • Nal Hutta Swamps
  • Mos Eisley Back Alleys
  • Uscru Entertainment District
  • Coruscant Back Alley
  • Tarkin Initiative Labs
  • Lothal Wastes
  • Endor Defense Station
  • ISB Training Grounds
  • Lothal Spaceport
  • Tibanna Gas Facility
  • Wasskah Hunting Grounds
  • Devaron Garrison
  • 30th Floor Plaza
  • Coruscant Landfill
  • Moisture Farm
  • Mos Eisley Cantina


View Organizer Website

View Organizer Website

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