IACP Competitive Skirmish Leaderboards

Players achievements in online tournament play and competitive online league games will be tracked here.

Players will be ranked based on a points system. Each win will be worth 3 points, and each loss will be worth 1 point. This means that players who play a lot of games can climb the ladder just as well as players with a higher win % that play fewer games.

The Overall Skirmish Leaderboard will include all competitive results from a season, including async league games and tournament games.

Async League ladders will be divided into months and reset back to 0 for each h, giving players an opportunity each month to start over and try to reach the top of the leaderboard again, wiping out any top players headstart for each month.

Full Rules for IACP Discord Asynchronous League Play

Players who play pickup games in the IACP Discord #LFG-Skirmish channel can agree before playing to have their game counted as a league game for the Asynchronous League and report the results in #async-league-reporting channel, and must submit a game log to the IACP Dropbox link or report the deployment cards used by both players in Discord. Players cannot play more than one league game against the same opponent in the same week (Monday-Sunday). The leaderboards below will be updated each week with the results.