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2020 Bespin Trials

Event Structure Players will play one game a week for a total of 6 weeks.Swiss tournament pairings for all 6 weeks.This event is part of the 2020 Squad Commander Series. Players are automatically registered for the SCS by participating in this event, and can opt-out by contacting the Event Organizer. Order of Play All players […]

IA Command December IACP Vassal Tournament

IACommand is sponsoring an online IACP Vassal Tournament. Tourney will be 4 rounds of Swiss with a cut to Top 4. 75 minute rounds. Player meeting starts at 8AM PST, 10AM CST. Please paypal $5 to to help cover prize production and shipping costs. Make sure to include your shipping address. Registration will not […]


Season 5 Playtest Period

The time period where we test new and changed cards introduced in Season 5. For more details, you can read more about our Season structure.

Season 5 Jedi Trials League


At the start of Season 5, the IACP will be running another Jedi Trials League for beginning and inexperienced players. How To Register Join the IACP Discord & introduce yourself in the #jedi-trials-league channel. Event Structure Games played online using Vassal and/or Tabletop Simulator. Vassal is the default online game system used for games.Players may learn […]


Season 5 Testing League

Players of all experience levels are welcome to join. This event uses the Playtest Format: You will be using cards from the Season 5 Playtest, which may be updated during league play. All games will be played online using either the Vassal Skirmish module or the Tabletop Simulator Skirmish module. How To Register If you […]


Season 5 Community Vote

The two-week period where our community votes to approve or reject cards introduced in the current Season. For more information you can read more about our Season structure.

Competitive Map Rotation

Every 4 months (17 weeks), the IACP Steering Committee updates the competitive map rotation in the IACP Official Changes document. You can read more about how IACP supports organized play.