Great, Kid! Don’t Get Cocky: Season 1 Voting Results

After two weeks, we collected the votes of 53 members of the Skirmish community. We thank everyone who took some time out of their schedule to vote and share their thoughts about Season 1 and the future direction of IACP. Later this week, we’ll release the results of the Season 1 Feedback and Season 2 Suggestions sections of the Community Vote survey.

All the Season 1 changes met the 60% or greater approval threshold to be considered IACP Official! Most changes had approval ratings of over 80%; a table of all approval ratings will be presented at the end of this post. First we’ll spotlight the On the Lam & Assassinate changes and changes that had less than 80% approval rating.

On the Lam & Assassinate

The IACP Official card image will be released at a later date.

Our On the Lam vote was in two parts: The first was to approve any change to the On the Lam card. Then, voters picked which version of the On the Lam card they preferred.

Changing On the Lam garnered a 75.5% approval rating from those who voted. Of the two On the Lam options, the “Declare Attack Timing Window” version (displayed here) was preferred by 66% of our voters. The Steering Committee is pleased that the “Declare Attack Step” version was seen as an acceptable compromise between reducing On the Lam’s power while still maintaining the “mind games” play style used by players running Smuggler deployments.

The IACP Official card image will be released at a later date.

The vote for Assassinate was much closer: 67.9% of voters approved to change Assassinate to our custom wording. In the Voting Feedback section, some of our voters were concerned that weakening Assassinate (and On the Lam) would empower Imperial lists featuring Vader too strongly. Others felt that making changes to Command cards are more difficult to share and enforce when playing an IACP game in person. The Skirmish Committee gathered more feedback from our voters about preferred methods of changing Imperial Assault Skirmish, which we will discuss in a later post.

Kayn Somos

Kayn Somos’ price reduction to 6 points was approved by 75.5% of our voters. The Steering Committee saw more concern expressed in the Voting Feedback section about Kayn’s ability to be activated by the Death Trooper’s Field Tactics ability. (Of all the Voting Feedback comments, concern about Kayn Somos & Field Tactics was mentioned the most.)

Given the amount of consistent feedback we’ve received (not just during the Community Vote but also through our Playtesting Feedback survey), we wonder if Season 2 should provide a hotfix for Kayn to test. This hotfix would increase Kayn’s price to 7 but give his abilities more range (as though he had Advanced Com Systems attached). Then the community can try both and see if the hotfix is a good compromise to stop any negative play experiences driven by Field Tactics. Please let us know what you think while we are still finalizing the Season 2 materials.

Kanan Jarrus

Kanan’s price reduction to 7 points was approved by 69.8% of our voters. The Steering Committee was a little surprised by this vote being so close to the 60% approval threshold. The only mention of Kanan in our Voting Feedback section was a voter expressing his or her approval of the price drop.

We wonder if our voters are concerned about what we mentioned in the Season 1 Rebels Playtest Results post: That in Season 2, we would allow the FFG errata’d Spectre Cell as-is, which would give Spectre Cell players 2 free Deployment points for Skirmish Upgrade cards. To be clear, if the Steering Committee does suggest this route, we will be watching Spectre Cell closely to ensure it does not dominate high meta play as it did previously. In the meantime we’d like to know if this concern of 2 points of Skirmish Upgrades is truly the case behind the lower approval rate or if there are other reasons. If you did vote against Kanan’s price drop and don’t mind sharing why, please let us know.

Diala Passil

While Diala Passil’s new Deployment card was approved by 83% of our voters, the Steering Committee received more feedback from our voters about Diala’s limited Health relative to her Deployment cost. Like with Kayn Somos, we wonder if we should issue a hotfix to Diala for Season 2. This hotfix would 1) increases her Health by 2 and 2) takes away one of her surge abilities (likely the <surge>: Cleave 2 <damage>). Again, we’d love to hear your feedback about this Diala hotfix during the next 2 weeks while we prepare our Season 2 materials.

All Voting Results

Proposed ChangeApproval Percentage
On the Lam (approve any change)75.5%
On the Lam (preferred change: Declare Attack Timing Window)66%
BT-1 (cost reduced to 5)94.3%
Elite Stormtrooper (cost reduced to 7/3)86.8%
Kayn Somos (cost reduced to 6)75.5%
Elite Sentry Droid (cost reduced to 9/5)92.5%
Elite Probe Droid (cost reduced to 4)94.3%
The Grand Inquisitor (cost reduced to 7)96.2%
Elite Gamorrean Guard (cost reduced to 7/4)90.6%
Rancor (cost reduced to 9)90.6%
Shyla Varad (cost reduced to 7)92.5%
Maul (cost reduced to 6)86.8%
Elite Wing Guard (cost reduced to 7/3)86.5%
Kanan Jarrus (cost reduced to 7)69.8%
Ahsoka Tano (cost reduced to 7)84.9%
Luke Skywalker, Hero of the Rebellion (cost reduced to 7)84.9%
Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight (cost reduced to 11)86.8%
Ko-Tun Feralo (cost reduced to 6)81.1%
Leia Organa (cost reduced to 7)92.5%
Elite Wookiee Warrior (cost reduced to 9/5)90.6%
Elite Echo Base Trooper (cost reduced to 7/4)90.6%
Elite Rebel Trooper (cost reduced to 7/3)90.6%
Diala Passil (new Elite Deployment card)83%

Thanks again to all our voters!

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