On My Mark: Season 2 Testing League #1 Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for IACP Season 2 Testing League #1! This league is designed for weekly play on Vassal. You and your opponent have a 7-day window to play and report the results. The league will run for 6 weeks, ending on September 29th.

Registration ends on Monday, August 19th at 8AM Eastern Daylight Time (noon GMT).

If you can’t make every week, that’s fine! Just contact your opponent as soon as possible and we’ll match them up with somebody else. If you can’t make this league, Season 2 Testing League #2 will start up sometime in October.

While you’re at Challonge, join our Challonge Community to keep in touch for other playtesting events.

League #1 Weekly Map Assignments

  1. Lothal Wastes – B. Fluctuation (August 19th-25th)
  2. Coruscant Back Alleys – B. Propaganda War (August 26th-September 1st)
  3. Coruscant Back Alleys – A. The Triple Cross (September 2nd-8th)
  4. Lothal Wastes – A. Blitz (September 9th-15th)
  5. Tarkin Initiative Labs – B. Abandoned Research (September 16th-22nd) *
  6. Tarkin Initiative Labs – A. Rogue AI (September 23rd-29th) *

* Tarkin Initiative Labs may be switched out for Endor Defense Station if FFG rotates that map into official tournament play.

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