Season 2 Community Vote Starting Now

The IACP Steering Committee is proud to announce that the Community vote to approve Season 2 changes is now live. The voting period runs from Wednesday, January 8th to Wednesday, January 22nd.

Click here to complete your ballot.

Each ballot question will have two options: Disapprove & Approve. In order for a card or change to be considered approved by the community (IACP Approved), the amount of Approve votes must total 70% or greater of all votes received.

If you have not played with or against a particular card during this Season, use your best judgement on whether or not to approve it for official IACP use. We trust your reasoning. At the end of the ballot, you’ll be provided a space to share any additional details about your vote.

There are several Season 2 cards & changes that have been withheld from the vote and will be considered for a future IACP Season:

  • Boba Fett changed Deployment & Command cards – Based on our testers’ feedback, we had to make an emergency ruling to ban Boba’s Command card for IACP Regional play, as it made Boba too strong. We also heard our testers tell us that Boba’s damage ceiling was too high, even outside of using the free attack from his Command card. We’ve made some more adjustments to Boba that we’ll be introducing in Season 3, and if those turn out to be positive and balanced, Boba will end up on the Season 3 ballot.
  • Chewbacca point drop to 9 – Our testers found two areas of frustration with this change: 1) The “Debts Repaid” mechanic is still haphazard and limiting and 2) when played well, Chewbacca provides too much value at 9 deployment points. Based on that feedback, we’re going to re-evaluate how Chewbacca should be modified and introduce those changes in a future Season.
  • Cohesive Fireteam attachment – The Steering Committee introduced this card as a way to raise the floor of potential damage output from 3-figure Trooper deployments. Our solution turned out to make these multi-figure Trooper deployments too strong against queen pieces. In the second half of Season 2, we introduced a more restrictive version of Cohesive Fireteam, which wasn’t well received. We will be monitoring the usage of multi-figure Trooper deployments in Season 3; if there is a need for adjustments for those deployments, we will try a new solution in the future.
  • Elite Nexu changes (+1 DMG, +1 Health) – Overall the Elite Nexu changes received high praise from most of the community. However, during the IACP UK Regional a few weeks ago, the players experienced how an IACP Elite Nexu paired up with Lothcats provides entirely too much value for its 6 deployment points. Given that Lothcats are a staple of a new Mercenary Creature archtype that exites players, we do not want to make any changes to them. Instead we are reverting our changes to the Elite Nexu. We will monitor usage of Nexu with and without Lothcats during the forthcoming Season to see if any further adjustments are necessary.

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