There Is No Try: Season 3 Community Voting Open Until June 3rd

Edit 6/3/20: Due to the civil unrest happening in the states and around the world this past week and a half that may justifiably be a higher priority for a lot of people, we’re extending the community vote to end this Friday, 6/5 at midnight, pacific time.

The Steering Committee is delighted to announce that our Season 3 Community Voting survey is now live. The voting period runs from Wednesday, May 20th until Wednesday, June 3rd. This post contains details about how the voting process works, how you can vote and a list of Season 3 cards that have either changed for this vote or have been not put on the ballot.

Click here to complete your ballot. The survey requires Google Account authentication in order to prevent vote manipulation. If you do not have a Google Account and wish to vote, send an email to or leave a comment on this post and we will send you a ballot.

Each ballot question will have two options: Disapprove & Approve. In order for a card or change to be considered approved by the community (IACP Approved), the amount of Approve votes must total 70% or greater of all votes received.

Cards that are IACP approved will not be changed or removed in future seasons unless there is a drastic need to do so for balancing reasons. “Approved” status means that a card is here to stay.

You may elect to disapprove of a card for many reasons, including:

  • The card is too powerful, or not powerful enough.
  • The card is not fun to play with or to play against.
  • You feel the card should be different.
  • You feel like you need more experience with the card before approving it.

We trust your reasoning. At the end of each section of the ballot, you’ll be provided a space to share any additional details about your vote. This written input will not be shared outside of the IACP Steering Committee. Cards and changes that are not approved may appear again in a future Season.

Updated Wording To Mandalorian Tactics

Throughout Season 3, the Mandalorian Tactics card contained two abilities: “Use during your activation to gain 4 movement points” and “Use during your activation to perform an attack without spending an action.” When using the card, a player chooses one ability or the other. The card’s templating is similar to other FFG cards with multiple abilities like I Can Feel It.

In the week leading up to the Season 3 Celebration Tournament, the Steering Committee received feedback indicating that several players mistakenly thought Mandalorian Tactics allowed both abilities to be used during Boba Fett’s activation. To prevent further confusion, Mandalorian Tactics now explicitly states that the player chooses between gaining 4 movement points and performing an attack without spending an action. The Steering Committee doesn’t believe that this wording change requires further testing: The card works the same way as it had before and a majority of playtesters used the card as intended.

Previous templating of Mandalorian Tactics
Updated templating of Mandalorian Tactics (and is on the ballot)

Cards & Changes Omitted From the Ballot

  • ISB Infiltrator (Elite) – This card was the only card that underwent two revisions this Season. With the latest version, our playtesters felt like the deployment card finally became playable with the line-of-sight restriction removed from Coordinated Raid. Starting with a Hidden token helped increase the attack power of their first attack, but often wasn’t enough to compared to other 4-point figures and the Infiltrators could not re-Hide easily. Our testers concluded that while the card was now playable, it wasn’t desirable to choose playing instead of Troopers with Cross Training. The Steering Committee feels like the ISB Infiltrator is just one more tweak away from becoming a desirable deployment, and we’re looking forward to showing you that tweak in a future Season.
  • Fury of Kashyyyk – The Committee thought changing the cost of this card from 2 to 1 might enable more lists that run more than one Wookiee deployment card. Instead we found out from our playtesters is that Wookiees need more than what Fury of Kashyyyk can provide at any price point. While cheaper in IACP, the Wookiee Warrior (Elite) figures still suffer from being slow melee-only attackers; Gaarkhan can have severe damage output fluctuations even while Focused; building a list with Chewbacca is still restricted by the playstyle enforced by his Debts Repaid Command card; and even in IACP, running more than one Wookiee comes with a significant Deployment and Command card cost. The Steering Committee wants to take a harder look at all the Wookiees again in a future Season and craft some tailor-made solutions to each deployment’s problems.

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