Season 4 Preview: Looking To Hire Some Muscle?

Come and see a preview of the 4th IACP Season and start planning on which bounty hunters you would like to hire from the guild. We have a cornucopia of options available at many different prices and are more than happy to find something to meet your needs.

Some of the most vicious and terrifying Hunters in the Star Wars lore have been the Trandoshan Hunters. None is more feared than Bossk. Except maybe in Imperial Assault as power creep has rendered these figures below the curve. But these Trandoshans have returned to their home planet, Trandosha, and spent some time training with Bossk in their native environment to be the fierce, tough beasts we have expected them to be. I think it was worth the effort, and will likely be hiring them for an ambush or two myself.

Trandoshan Hunters

One of the biggest problems plaguing the Trandoshan clans has been how expensive they are. Why would you hire them, when you could just hire another group of mercenaries for much less? Well they have started a new marketing campaign and their cost has been dropped from 10/5 to 8/4. Will you be tempted by their new price? They also hit a little harder, with the addition of +1 damage to their surge ability for Bleed. I think this makes Bleed seem more useful and will allow for more strain and damage. The other change that I think you will enjoy is that they have learned the trick of Regeneration from Bossk, which will help them to be a little more durable, so you aren’t disappointed that your fierce hunters died too quickly. It also pairs nicely with Parting Blow, as your Trandoshan Hunter sheds its Stun at the end of a round.


Bossk also benefited from his time of training. While he still charges the same exclusive rates as always, he is finally worth the amount he says he is. An increase in Health and a change to his defense die means he will consistently survive the attacks to Regenerate. Bossk has also learned to improve his indiscriminate firing. No, he has not become a marksman of great renown, but when he attacks, the enemy (or his allies) in the direction of his attack are under a great deal of strain. By pairing his Indiscriminate Fire ability with an attack, Bossk is now much more efficient at dealing damage and strain and can use his actions to their utmost capabilities. And yes, when Bossk becomes the Trandoshan Terror by playing his Command card, he is much more likely to strain all those figures to the maximum amount!

All in all, I hope you will consider hiring these merceneries for a mission or two. Perhaps they will put your enemies under such duress that they die from the strain. Or perhaps an extra Parting Blow or two from the Trandoshans will allow them to finish off opponents we previously thought were tough. Take advantage of their discounted prices and increased skills while you still can!

Always at your service,

Derek Martens

IACP Steering Committee Member and Bounty Hunter’s Guild Marketing Agent.

This article is part of our Season 4 Preview series. All through July, the Steering Committee will be revealing the new cards from Season 4! You can discuss these cards in the comments here or on the IACP subreddit.

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