Season 4 Preview: We stand here amidst MY ACHIEVEMENT! Not yours!

Hellllllllo hello! And welcome to this Season 4 Preview Article! We hope you’ve been enjoying the cards revealed so far, and that you are just as hyped for Season 4 to kick into gear as we are!

As you might have guessed from the Shoretrooper article released a few days ago, the IACP is not only stepping into The Mandalorian content, but also Rogue One! A popular Star Wars movie with some of the most epic moments in Star Wars history (you know what scene I’m talking about), we knew we couldn’t go without at least dabbling with the characters found in this story. And considering we’ve introduced the his trusty Beachboys… Ahem. Shoretroopers already, who better to make The Rebellion shake in their boots, than the fearsome director himself, Orson Krennic!

He just better not choke on his aspirations…

That’s right! Director Krennic has arrived in Imperial Assault to join his Death Troopers in battle, and for that reason, his abilities are built around buffing friendly Troopers or Guardians (Of which the Death Troopers are both!), by allowing them to double the effects of an Attack Power Token spent when declaring an attack! This means that a when an eligible figure spends a Damage Power Token, +2 Damage is applied to the attack instead of +1.

As you can see above, a Death Trooper given a Damage Power Token by one of his fellow Death Troopers (Or Krennic himself, using the Advanced Weapons Research ability) increases their chance of doing 5 damage against a Black Die defender by 50%! That’s a pretty huge swing, and is sure to change the tempo of the game very quickly!

However, Krennic isn’t known as the nicest of bosses, and can often be seen yelling at his underlings. This provides a limit on his Unhinged Director ability, as the attacker is forced to suffer a strain when spending their Power Token. Therefore, this ability should not be taken lightly, and you as the Commander will have to control Krennic’s temper so that he doesn’t bully his poor Troopers to death!

That being said, Unhinged Director is clearly a very strong aura ability, and as a result, your opponents will be looking to take him out as soon as they can, especially with his very sensitive 7 Health. So keeping him safe will be an utmost priority, and as Death Troopers have the Guardian Trait, Command Cards such as Get Behind Me and Bodyguard would be very strong additions, especially considering that Krennic and 6x Death Troopers is only 25 points!

These Guardian Cards could force even a Focused, Tools for the Job-buffed Boba Fett attack to target a regular Death Trooper instead of the Director!

Additionally, Director Krennic comes with his very own Command Card, allowing him to shout angrily at the entire Garrison for not yet being deployed! In a list with many Trooper or Guardian figures such as Elite Stormtrooper, Death Trooper, or Shoretrooper groups, this card allows a large portion of the list to gain two movement points or a Damage Power Token depending on the situation, thus further synergizing with his Unhinged Director ability… For a cost, of course.

Are we BLIND?!?

So what will you do with the Director? Send him into battle with Legions of Stormtroopers, or fewer yet tankier Death Troopers and Shoretroopers? Let us know in the comments below, and we will see you on Friday for more exciting IACP Season 4 Preview Articles!

This article is part of our Season 4 Preview series. All through July, the Steering Committee will be revealing the new cards from Season 4! You can discuss these cards in the comments here or on the IACP subreddit.

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