Season 4 Preview: The Return of the General

General Sorin is back. For a long time he’s been out of favour with the Emperor, but now he is back and ready for some action! Recosted at 5 points, he will give new life to your Droid and Vehicle lists.

General Sorin has always intrigued me in list building, but he has never felt worth his cost in a list. I would rather bring the Emperor for his free attack instead. Now with a dropped cost, his low health doesn’t feel so bad. Especially since Advanced Coms Systems costs 0 points in IACP.

Some of the deployments that I think will synergize well with General Sorin are Sentry Droids, and Massive Vehicles, especially the SC2-M Repulsor Tank. (I may be biased, because the Tank is the list I run.) Advanced Firepower synergizes well with Droids and Vehicles. The Repulsor Tank and Sentry Droids perform well with Focus, as the increased range and damage can attest. Because they use a surge to Focus, when they perform multiple attacks with Multi-fire or Focus Fire, they can focus themselves on the first shot and then again for each shot afterwards. This is assuming Sorin is in range and surges are rolled on the dice. They also have a hard enough attack that using Sorin’s action to perform the attack is worthwhile. Sorin will now also synergize well with Death Troopers since they can now use Field Tactics with him.

I’m looking forward to seeing the way the General will lead the Empire to dominance on the battlefield. Let’s see some more Droids pouring out fire into the Rebel Scum!

Derek Martens

This article is part of our Season 4 Preview series. All through July, the Steering Committee will be revealing the new cards from Season 4! You can discuss these cards in the comments here or on the IACP subreddit.

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