Official Changes PDF updated with v4.1 changes and new FAQs, New Errata for Priority Extraction Mission

The Official Changes PDF has been updated with the Season 4.1 changes that went into effect on August 31st, and has also been updated with new FAQs to clarify some common rules misunderstandings we’ve seen with season 4 cards.

View the updated document here.

We’ve also added an FAQ section for the mission Priority Extraction, as there have been many questions in the community about how the friendly Senators work in that mission.

There has also been an errata issued by the Steering Committee to the mission Priority Extraction after discussing the wording of the card with the community and with folks that have worked on the game with FFG, and what the likely original intent of the mission was when it was designed. To help clarify how Senators can move, and also to avoid potential negative play experiences from Senators being permanently stunned and unable to move, we are issuing the following updates to the card, which we hope will maintain the original intended play experience of the mission, while clearing up any confusion or feel bad moments for players.

Priority Extraction Changes:

  • “then moves that Senator up to 4 spaces to a space adjacent to a friendly figure” changed to
  • “then pushes that Senator up to 4 spaces to a space adjacent to another friendly figure”
Updated Mission card text
Original Mission card text

The next and final Season 4 update is scheduled for September 28th, and then the Season 4 Community vote will open on October 19th and finish on November 1st. Happy Playtesting!

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