Season 5 Preview: [Query]: Is there something you need killed?

From deep within the Legends of Star Wars comes a droid of unparalleled brilliance with a sniper rifle, a killer attitude, and a razor-sharp wit. We’re not talking about either Iggy; it’s time to blast some meatbags, Old Republic style.

Season 5 of the Imperial Assault Continuity Project sees the rise of HK-47, putting imposter Assassin Droids firmly back in their place. Newly resurrected from the Legendary annals of the Star Wars Galaxies, HK-47 brings constant harassment of enemies with his [Query] ability. Opponents will be forced to choose to boost his attack or take a strain and a bleed for the privilege of seeing him grace them with a sniper bolt to the face. With such a rarefied master of the rifle, we also see [Conclusion] with advanced targeting computers well beyond his time compensating for pesky Jedi and their dodging. To add insult to injury, what would HK-47 be without a biting wit, sharper than any weaponry meatbags possess? [Mockery] causes any meatbag (or other non-organic beings) to suffer an additional strain when removing a Bleed condition. It would be a shame if the opponent happened to be Under Duress all this time…

Speaking of, Season 5 of IACP sees a boost to the good old fashioned Strain Train (Choo-Choo!) – though it never truly had its time in the Sun to begin with. Under Duress sees a reduction in points (1 point rather than 2), and has a new exhaust ability. This ability is extra powerful with figures that can reliably dish out the strain, as once per round it will allow you to resolve choices for your opponent’s strain, whether to take damage or lose Command cards. It will add insult to injury when you finally remove your bleed, only to discard On the Lam.

This wouldn’t be much of a reveal if we didn’t dish the detail on new command cards. HK-47 brings two powerful new cards with him to show everyone who’s boss. In his own words:

“Definition: ‘Love’ is making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometres away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope.”

The new Definition: Love command card allows you to perform a free attack with HK-47 targeting a figure 5 or more spaces away with a Blue-Blue dice pool, but keeping his powerful offensive abilities to show your target just how much you care.

IACP Season 5 also sees the release of a powerful new Droid command card. Rapid Recalibration will allow you to fix that pesky single damage red unbefitting of a well-oiled machine, into something beautifully deadly. This card doesn’t just benefit HK-47 however; any droid is welcome to use it to blast a meatbag. This card will reliably be able to add 1-2 damage to your Droids’ attacks as they quickly adjust their targeting priorities.

Together, the cards spoiled today will do a lot to revitalize two list archetypes that could use their time in the suns: Droid Uprising and the Strain Train! HK-47 will be a vital player in both archetypes, and we look forward to the Imperial Assault community embracing the beloved assassin with open arms!

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