Rate Seasons 1 Through 4 In Our Tier List

In April, we’ll be celebrating 2 years of IACP. I’ll be sharing more thoughts about the past 2 years later. But one thing I’d love to see is some feedback from you guys about what we’ve accomplished together. I’d like to start with something that is sure to promote lots of discussion about IACP’s work in making fun and powerful cards: Tier Lists!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with tier lists, they are most famously used to rate characters in fighting video games like Mortal Kombat or Super Smash Bros. Players place each character into a tier that best corresponds with how powerful that character is in competitive play. The best characters typically end up in S Tier; the second-best level is typically called A Tier, and then levels descend in alphabetical order: B Tier is better than C Tier, which is better than D Tier.

Use this Google Form to rank each Deployment card from Seasons 1 through 4:  (We’ll exempt Season 5 since we’re still openly testing it.) The survey won’t take you more than 10 minutes. The tiers we’ll be using are the following:

  • S Tier – The “best of the best”: Expected to be in competitive lists that make top cuts and championship matches.
  • A Tier – Strong cards that make an impact in competitive lists
  • B Tier – Can be good in certain situations but is rarely seen in competitive lists
  • C Tier – Struggles against lists made of stronger cards, but can still be fun or interesting to play
  • D Tier – Either not powerful enough or not fun enough to play

You’re not required to rate every card; just assign a tier for the cards you feel comfortable judging. You can also change your answers in the survey by clicking on the survey link again.

Newer players may feel a bit overwhelmed participating in this Tier List, especially if they have limited experience playing in IACP. These players shouldn’t feel pressured to submit an entry. Instead I hope newer players are looking forward to learning which cards our community thinks are strong and which ones aren’t.

We’ll be taking your responses until March 8th. After that, I’ll find the average rating for each card and reveal them. Be sure to share the link to the survey with folks who have taken a break from IACP so we can get their responses too.

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