Season 6 Preview: You Jabba No Bother

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Imperial Assault Continuity Project Season 6 spoiler! Today, we are unveiling three upcoming new or modified cards from this season: Jabba’s Majordomo Bib Fortuna along with his nefarious new Command Card “Palace Politics”. In addition to this background conniver, we also have a reworked “First Strike”, which pairs very well with those willing gain victory through less honourable methods.

“Die wanna wanga!” You may recall these words spoken from the slipperiest Twi’lek ever to show his appendages in a poorly lit throne room. Bib Fortuna is making his Imperial Assault debut and he’s bringing all the sly ways of the Hutt Underworld. Bib Fortuna, as you may expect, is making the most out of his nefarious contacts with his special action Bartered Information, allowing him to focus up to two friendly Mercenary figures. There is a downside to dipping into the criminal world however – whilst the first one is always free – you have to pay 1 Victory Point to appropriately ‘inspire’ another comrade to get things done.

Bib also has his share of side-dealings unknown to the crime-lord Jabba – every time your player gains Victory Points through honest means, Bib’s Illicit Income ability gains you an extra 1 Victory Point – just don’t ask where it came from, and he’ll tell you no lies. This means that every time you gain Victory Points from Command card or Deployment card abilities (Hondo and Jabba are Bib’s best friends) – Bib will help himself to another to keep the wheels of crime turning. To be clear, this does not include VPs from skirmish mission objectives or from defeating figures.

Whilst he’s good at making others do his fighting, Bib Fortuna doesn’t like to get involved too much himself. With a fragile health / defence pool along with a middling short-ranged blaster, Bib will not be gunning down The Mandalorian any time soon; he’ll pay to have it done instead. Bib’s reputation for Dirty Dealing means that honest folk won’t countenance working with him – as a result you can’t take Rebels along for the ride with Bib. This isn’t a bad thing, however, because it forces mercenary lists to live without the Rebel Care Package – a staple of mercenary lists for so long. Bib allows a double focus without seeing C-3P0 and Gideon running the show from the back line. More choices means more unexpected surprises for your enemies.

Bib’s command card, Palace Politics, allows the Majordomo to enforce the Palace’s “no shooting” policy… unless the transgressor is willing to bribe him for an exception. This card will be especially useful in the late game, where paying an extra 2 VP will put you over the edge to win, so your opponent has no choice but to allow the attack to miss. However, Bib needs to be dangerously close to the action to play politics.

The Steering Committee has also brought some love to a long-neglected Mercenary card – First Strike. First Strike is a core set card that has barely ever seen competitive play. At 2 points, it did not provide enough benefit to justify a place in Mercenary armies. Therefore, in Season 6 we’re reducing it to 1 point, making it a viable option in Victory Point manipulation lists. First Strike also pairs exceptionally well with Bib Fortuna. With Bib’s Illicit Income, First Strike now gains you a tasty 5 Victory Points against your opponent’s 4, tilting the odds in your favour – as well as a head start to start focussing your allies through some Bartered Information.

Through Illicit Methods!

Together with the IACP rework of First Strike and existing methods of Victory Point Manipulation, Bib Fortuna and his brand new command card will allow players to gain victory through shady dealings, dishonourable killings and above all else – crime! Hondo would be proud! We look forward to seeing how the community builds lists to cope with Bib and the potential Scum & Villainy he’ll bring his way.

What do YOU think of these new figures? Let us know in the comments below, on our Discord server, or on the Zion’s Finest Slack channel! We on the Steering Committee are active participants in discussion, and we love to hear your feedback!

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