Season 6 Community Voting Now Open Through November 5th

The Steering Committee is delighted to announce that our Season 6 Community Voting survey is now live. The voting period runs until Friday, November 5th. The last day to vote will be November 5th at midnight PST. This was an extension from the previously announced deadline of October 29th. This will not impact the start of Approved Play on November 8th.

Click here to complete your ballot. The survey requires Google Account authentication in order to prevent vote manipulation. If you do not have a Google Account and wish to vote, send an email to or leave a comment on this post and we will send you a ballot.

Pease keep in mind that we are trying a new Approval system for the Season 6 community vote in which cards can now be approved on Probation, allowing them to be updated in future seasons if the community feels a card is okay to enter competitive Approved play but doesn’t feel it’s quite good enough yet and may need updates in future seasons. Please refer to Josh’s article about how the new voting and approval system will work.

We trust your reasoning. At the end of each section of the ballot, you’ll be provided a space to share any additional details about your vote. This written input will not be shared outside of the IACP Steering Committee, though we may share anonymous aggregate data with the community about things we commonly see mentioned in the feedback comments.

The Playtest League will continue through the end of the Community vote with one more final round, and we encourage community members to continue playing playtest games online and submitting their Vassal game logs here: We will continue to gather game data from players as well, but the Playtest League will mainly serve as a way for players to get games scheduled so they can get a chance to continue to playtest Season 6 cards before casting their vote, especially cards that were recently changed in the Season 6.2 update. A very huge thank you to all of our playtesters who played in the league and submitted game log data, and to Steering Committee member Derek Martens for coordinating the playtest league pairings and results every week on his own for the past 3 months.

Players that don’t have as much time available to get playtest games in online can check out my video series where I have posted a decent number of games featuring Season 6 figures after the 6.2 update that has full play-by-play commentary. Link to the playlist below.

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