Season 7 Playtesting Survey Now Available

We are entering the final week of playtesting before we release the first round of patches for Season 7 cards in v7.1 coming out on May 30th. To help us make sure we make the best changes possible, we are asking everyone who has played any games with Season 7 cards, even if you are not in the playtesting league, to fill out a playtesting survey. The benefits of these surveys is that the results are permanently available to us to review compared to Slack or Discord discussions which become difficult or impossible to reference after about a month or so for each. These are semi-anonymous (only the IACP Steering Committee will see your feedback and your name if you choose to disclose it), and I have made some major improvements imo to the survey to streamline it from previous seasons:

  • The scaled answer format for each card has been dropped in lieu of 6 open-ended written answer questions corresponding to: Fun, Unfun, Overpowered, Underpowered, Thematic, and Personal Playstyle
  • You only have to answer each of these questions once and can mention whichever cards stood out to you. A reference list of all the cards in the Season is included above the questions.
  • Some other superfluous questions were dropped (We already know you’re all having tons of fun playing with Season 7)
  • You no longer need to provide an email address or be signed into a Google account to submit a survey, and players can submit now multiple surveys. This is mostly so that players can submit surveys between each Season update, though if you submit your survey and forgot to write something, you can just submit again with the thing you forgot to enter. The survey will remain open indefinitely.
  • We are asking survey takers to provide their name or their IA username so we can follow up with people if needed.
  • We also ask that folks not abuse the ability to submit multiple surveys. If you try to make it seem like your opinion is held by multiple people by astroturfing the survey, we will know.

Thank you for submitting your feedback on the Season 7 cards. Everyone’s feedback helps immensely to make these cards as good as they can be. Look forward to our blog post on the 30th detailing all of the changes being made for the v7.1 release.

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