Map Rotation: Carbo-Nation

Ladies and gentlemen, Wookies and Ewoks! The time has come once again to say goodbye to the old, and hello to the new, with the next IACP Map Rotation!

Long time favourite for its competitive balance and and strategic capability, Mos Eisley Back Alleys is once again going back to slumber in the depths of the Dune Sea. Instead, Bespin Tibanna Facility will be taking its place from today!

Just… Don’t fall into the carbonite chamber. Seriously

Bespin Tibanna Facility is a brand new map that has never been in official rotation before, and thus becomes a prime opportunity for both veteran and new players to demonstrate their adaptability by mastering a brand new set of terrain, with brand new missions! Let’s take a closer look:

Don’t fly this mission solo

First and foremost, we have Mission A: A Man in Carbonite, the mission which gives the map its name. In this mission, you have the whopping ability to double your kill points for some of your opponent’s figures! When you kill a figure, you may choose to place a token down in the defeated figure’s space, which once retrieved by a friendly figure can be spent at the Carbonite Chamber (A small, 2×2 square in the south of the map) to once again gain the points for corresponding to killing said figure! So beware; Don’t run Vader or Boba to a place where your opponent can easily gain a whopping amount of extra points, unless you really have to!

When in doubt, more reserves!

Secondly, we have Mission B: Strategic Reserves. While no less swingy, this mission relies on control over the Carbonation Chamber; The player with the highest figure cost of figures controlling the chamber scores an additional 4 VPs for each Tibanna Gas Reserve carried by one of his figures! And with 5 of them on the board, that’s a potential 20 “extra points” That can come into effect the second a player gains control. But remember, this is one of the very rare cases where there is a tie breaker for control! Just one General Weiss will control the Chamber, even if there are 3x enemy Echo Base Troopers also contesting!

So what does this all mean? With one of the most predictable, competitive maps being replaced by one of the swingiest (I think we can all agree +13 points in 2 actions, or +20 in a turn is pretty swingy), players will have to think on their feet to develop new strategies to dominate the new map! Who will be plunged into the Gas Facility? Who will come back out alive? Only you, and your competitive acumen, will decide.

Happy Playing!

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