Announcing In-Person Community Championship Tournament Kits for 2023

I’m proud to announce our in-person Organized Play kit for 2023, the Community Championship Kit. This is a great way to run a casual or competitive tournament or league from your local game store or community center for your Imperial Assault skirmish games.

Online resources are amazing tools for keeping a community together, especially through a global pandemic. Tools for online play like Vassal and Discord are invaluable in this day and age. In fact we have another free Vassal online 3-round tournament happening the afternoon of 12/17, be sure to get signed up for that if interested. However, there’s something special about sitting down at an actual table, pulling out minis and cards from your case or backpack, and moving figures around on an actual physical map board.

Organized play kits are a great way to give your local community of players a reason to come out to play the game in-person. With more and more local game stores opening up for business and in-store play, we know that it’s time for IACP to start supporting in-person play again. It’s great for people to be able to play and discuss the game online from all over the world, but having a healthy and thriving in-person play scene where veterans and new players alike can gather and play is critical to any healthy competitive game in the long run.

Featured Artwork for the 2023 IACP Community Championship Kit

Each kit will include:

  • 1 Plastic Hinged Double-Compartment Card box with Maul art and “Champion 2023” on the cover
  • 18 alternate art IACP cards
    • 2 copies each of IACP Maul and The Darksaber, panoramic card pair (4 cards total)
    • 6 copies of Full-Art IACP Imperial Retrofitting card with updated text
    • 8 copies of a horizontal IACP Heir to the Jedi card
  • 14 total Plastic Standees and 42 corresponding Stickers
    • 25 mm base diameter, same as a standard Imperial Assault small figure base
    • 2 Purple, 4 Red, 4 Green, and 4 Black double-sided plastic standees
    • 6 Standee Stickers each for Mara Jade, Cara Dune, Saw Gerrera, Doctor Aphra, Bib Fortuna, Purge Commander, and Purge Trooper.

The images below are mock-ups created from product images provided by the manufacturer combined with our designs. Final product not shown.

Winner receives a Maul inspired Organizer Champion Case

This hinged plastic case with dividers and two locking clasps holds up to 110 Imperial Assault sized Deployment cards, perfect for storing your IA Deployment cards or bagged tokens. Featuring exclusive Maul artwork commissioned from Christine Leonardi featuring the former Sith wielding both his Lightsaber and the Darksaber on both the exterior and interior cover. A functional prize with the IACP and Champion 2023 written on the outside cover to mark the victories of the player who receives this 1st place plastic case.

Fourteen 25mm Base Plastic Standees and Stickers

Mock-Up. Final Product Not Shown. Standees and Stickers come separate, some assembly required.

These standees are the perfect stand-in for those harder to find IACP figures that don’t already have miniatures available in Imperial Assault or Legion. Perfectly sized to fit right into an Imperial Assault map square, this kit will include 14 standees, with 4 of each corresponding to one of the 3 faction colors, and 2 purple standees that work perfect with Mara Jade. Along with the plastic standees will be included 42 art stickers corresponding to 7 figures that don’t have an available or upcoming figure from either Imperial Assault or Legion.

Each standee is double-sided and comes with enough stickers to have the same figure front-and-back on up to 3 standees. Note that the stickers come separate from the standees and there will be more stickers than there are standees, mostly to allow front-and-back stickers and give your players more freedom to request the figures they want for their collection in the case that there are figures that fewer players are interested in. Players can also find creative ways to use the remaining stickers available.

Two Pairs of Joint Maul and Darksaber cards (4 cards total)

Mock-up. Final Product Not Shown.

2 lucky players (or 1 lucky player and 1 hard-working organizer) will be able to take home these paired full-art Maul and Darksaber cards. Each is it’s own separate card, but when brought together they form the wonderful artwork of Maul wielding both his lightsaber and Darksaber into battle.

These cards are printed on durable and flexible linen card-stock, very similar in feel and texture to actual Imperial Assault Deployment cards.

6 Copies of Imperial Retrofitting Full-Art

Mock-up. Final Product Not Shown.

A popular card in IACP that many Imperial vehicle lists are now built around, Imperial players will be excited to finally have a printed copy of this card to include in their IACP vehicle lists. Once again featuring exclusive artwork commissioned by Isaac for IACP from Christine Leonardi, this also features updated wording that makes it a bit more clear how this card works in relation to the 3 Deployment cards it references. This is the first time this wording is being revealed and will be updated in other digital sources like Vassal and the printable IACP card sheets soon.

8 Copies of Heir to the Jedi

Mock-up. Final Product Not Shown.

Finally, 8 players will be able to take home this custom layout version of the Heir to the Jedi, depicting Luke at a pivotal moment when he takes a step into a larger world of adventure, and a card that is only found in IACP. Making both versions of Luke Skywalker as powerful in Imperial Assault skirmish as he was in the films was a major goal for the IACP project that was finally realized in Season 7 after many points adjustments to both of his cards, and this is a great card for Rebel players to have in their arsenal when playing Jedi or Farmboy Luke in their IACP skirmish lists.

So how do you get your hands on all this awesome stuff?

If you are an organizer for your Imperial Assault community, send an email to Make sure to include your name, your community’s city, your desired shipping address, and the name and address of the location where you’ll be hosting your event, whether it’s a game store or a community center, so we can verify that these kits are being used for events.

Then let us know how many kits you think you’ll need. Most communities on average will be well-served by just 1 kit, though some larger communities may need 2, but it’s often better to get 1 kit to start and then hold a 2nd event if there’s not enough for everyone in the community.

Finally, we’ll ask you to cover the cost of producing and shipping the kit out to you, which is around $40 depending on your shipping location. To be clear, we are doing the design work and ordering the product from a 3rd party producer who then ships the kit directly to your address. We are not selling these and we do not profit from these kits in anyway and are only asking people to cover the costs of ordering these kits for them from a 3rd party to minimize our losses.

We will be ready to start ordering kits and getting them shipped to people starting on Dec 26th, and people should allow about 4-5 weeks for their kit to be produced and arrive in their post (no money will be accepted before we’re ready to put in orders after the 26th). Meaning players should expect to see events getting scheduled no sooner than late January or early February. We’ll also email you a guide with ideas for how to run your event and divvy up the prizes found within this kit.

If you’re a player and want to see one of these kits used to host an event in your area, get on your local social media or internet forums, or email your local game stores, and found out who is the community leader in your neck of the woods for Imperial Assault. Then send this article to that person and let them know you’d love to attend an event like this.

If you’re not already, be sure to join the conversation over on Slack and Discord where many Imperial Assault players discuss the game especially skirmish and IACP but campaign as well.

Zions Finest Slack:

IACP Discord:

If you’re curious or confused about what the IACP project is for Imperial Assault, check out our introduction page for new players and how to get into the project:

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