Map Rotation, Map Rotation, read all about it!

That’s right, it’s that time again, time to switch out the maps in competitive play. The new map that will be joining the rotation is ISB Training Grounds. This map will be an official part of competitive IACP events starting March 11, 2024. That means this map will be in play for anyone attending Adepticon for the IACP event on March 23rd! I’m hoping this map will provide some fun new puzzles for skirmish players to solve as they try to figure out the best way to play the scenarios. This means that a map will be rotating out of competitive play. We’re replacing Tarkin Intiative Labs. The 3 maps that will now be in use for organized play are: 1) Wasskah Hunting Grounds, 2) Coruscant Back Alleys, and 3) ISB Training Grounds. You can check out images of all the maps here:

This map has quite exposed objectives, which will either lead to a cagey sniping match, as opponents attempt to position for the best advantage while staying safe, or will lead to an all out brawl as figures close to contest objectives and perform short range attacks.

Both missions include wiretaps, represented by the green X’s on the legend in the top image. These can be retrieved, which means it costs an interact action for a figure to pick them up. The figures that are carrying a wiretap have the ability to interact with objectives, which are called databases in this mission. There are 4 databases on the map. In the Counter-Slice mission, figures can use the wiretaps to flip a database. Databases start as grey tokens with no color. Once they are flipped the tokens will show a color to indicate they have been interacted with. Note that a player can only flip one database per round. However, flipping a database doesn’t actually give you any points. To gain points in the mission you must control the databases at the end of the round. Do you choose to take the time and actions to pick up a wiretap and flip and control a database for 5 VP? Or do you plan on controlling the tokens that have not been flipped for 2VP? Perhaps you plan to minimize the amount of objectives you control, in a bid to lure your opponent to control objectives while exposing their figures to attack. The choice is yours!

Infiltration Games starts similarly in that a figure can retrieve a wiretap. It gets more specific because this mission does not allow you to pick up a wiretap in your opponent’s deployment zone. This means that any sneaky Lie in Ambush strategies that might work in Counter-Slice are likely to be ineffective in this mission. Again, a figure with a wiretap can interact with an objective. In this mission, the objectives are panels. Figures can use an interact action to place a wiretap on a panel. The panels are paired and you can only place a wiretap on one of the two adjacent panels, leaving the other one free for your opponent. This leaves you with 2 wiretaps and 3 available spaces where you can place them. Once a wiretap is placed on a panel, it starts scoring points for the player that installed it, 4 VP at the end of each round. However, there is some further counterplay available as your opponent can attack your wiretaps and you can attack theirs. Installed wiretaps are objects with defence of a single block symbol and 5 Health.

I hope everyone enjoys this new map in rotation. If you find any good tricks or strategies on this map, or are looking for a place to discuss the best way to play these missions, I encourage you to come join the conversation on our discord server:

May the Force be with you!

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