Season 9 Tournament Results for April and May

As the competitive play for Season 9 continues on, we now have 2 more monthly custom dice tournaments completed for IACP skirmish, with 1 final 3-week tournament coming up on June 10th. With 16 players in the April tournament and 14 in the May tournament, these are record numbers for our online tournament attendance and a great sign that game continues to generate interest among competitive players, and that the match-per-week format of tournament play is one that seems to work well for a lot of players.

To recap, these are 3-round swiss format free-entry tournaments capped off by two single-elimination playoff rounds between the top 4 ranked players. Players have 1 week to schedule and complete each round before pairings for the next round are posted the next week, meaning that these tournaments last roughly a month, with 3 weeks of swiss rounds and about a week or so for the top 4 players to complete their elimination games. The winner receives a set of beautiful translucent Imperial Assault dice from Customeeple, and participants who provide their mailing address receive some kind of custom acrylic tokens in the mail.

If you want to play in one of our online tournaments, for absolutely free, make sure to jump onto our Discord server and sign up for our final tournament of the season happening on June 10th. After that we’ll be starting our 2 month public playtesting for Season 10.


Let’s start off by taking a look at the results for the 16-player April tournament, and then move into the May tournament, which is actually still pending the results of the final match-up.

1st Place – Joey (aka ClunytheMad)

2x Shoretrooper [Elite] (IACP) [14]
Captain Terro (IACP) [7]
2x Stormtrooper [Elite] (IACP) [14]
Zillo Technique [1] Rule by Fear [1]
2x Vaders Finest (IACP) [2]
Lie in Ambush [1]

Commands: Grenadier [3]
Squad Swarm [2]
2x Reinforcements [4]
Change of Plans [1]
Negation [1]
Concentrated Fire [1]
Cavalry Charge (IACP) [1]
Tough Luck [1]
Provoke [1]
Celebration [0]
Element of Surprise [0]
Fleet Footed [0]
Urgency [0]
Ready Weapons [0]

After taking his only loss of the tournament in round 3 of the tournament to Alex’s Rancors, Joey was able to make it into the top 4 and overcome two very difficult matchups against Morgan in the semifinals and Alex again in the finals. Joey’s list uses the power of Captain Terro’s command card, Cavalry Charge, alongside the raw efficiency of Reinforceable Stormtroopers and Shoretroopers powered by Vader’s Finest, to execute a flurry of Terro boosted Trooper attacks on the opponent in the mid-game.

2nd Place – Alex (aka Destruct1)

Deployment Cards:
9 2x Rancor (IACP)
4 2x Imperial Officer (Elite) (IACP)
2 4x Imperial Officer (Regular)
1 Temporary Alliance (E)
1 2x The Generals Ranks (IACP)
1 Zillo Technique
1 Unshakable
1 Extra Armor
0 Advanced Com Systems (IACP)

Command Deck:
(3)  Apex Predator (IACP)
2x (2)  Parting Blow
(2)  Wild Fury
(2)  Savage Vigor (IACP)
(1)  Ferocity
(1)  Pummel
(1)  Survival Instincts
(1)  Negation
(0)  Planning
(0)  Take Initiative
(0)  Urgency
(0)  Parry (IACP)
(0)  Of No Importance (IACP)
(0)  Opportunistic

However, It was Alex’s Imperial double Rancors list that was the talk of the tournament. This list combined the raw power and voracious hunger of the Season 7 Rancor with the extremely efficient movement and attack generation of the Imperial Officers with The General’s Ranks attachment. With the bonus 2 movement points for each regular Officer movement to the Rancors from Generals Ranks, Alex was able to easily get into his opponent’s terminal or deployment zone on round 1 and attack by devouring his officers after they provided their bonus movement, proving to be far more mobile than Beast Tamer could provide in the Scum faction. And with the combination of Zillo Technique and Extra Armor, his Rancors were proving to be even more durable than they normally are in Scum lists.

I should mention that there were a total of 3 Rancor lists in the tournament, with the other 2 being Scum Rancors. Neither of those made it into the top 4, but one of them did make it into the top 8 ranks with a 2-1 finish. You can view those and all the lists from the tournament here.

This list has generated a lot of discussion about Rancors, Generals Ranks and the elite Officer over in our IACP Discord, and the committee is definitely taking a hard look at this and taking the community’s feedback very seriously in regards to how we’re going to handle this list going into the next season.

Top 4 – Morgan Gee

Deployment Cards
9▪ IG-11 (IACP)
8▪ Leia Organa (IACP)
7▪ Luke Skywalker (HotR) (IACP)
4▪ Yoda (IACP)
4▪ Saska Teft (IACP)
3▪ R2-D2
3▪ Gideon Argus
2▪ C-3P0
0▪ Heir to the Jedi (IACP)
0▪ Heroic Effort

Command Deck
(3) ▪ Son of Skywalker
(2) ▪ Heart of Freedom
(2) ▪ Second Chance
(2) ▪ Knowledge and Defense (IACP)
(2) ▪ Get Behind Me! (IACP)
(2) ▪ Guild Programming (IACP)
(1) ▪ Negation
(1) ▪ Intelligence Leak
(0) ▪ Element of Surprise
(0) ▪ Fleet Footed
(0) ▪ Planning
(0) ▪ Take Initiative
(0) ▪ Urgency
(0) ▪ Force Rush
(0) ▪ Devotion

The other player to go undefeated 3-0 in the Swiss rounds, Morgan is an IACP tournament veteran with many wins under his belt and has had success with this list in past events, however since Season 8 has added Saska to enable another strong 3-dice attacker in IG-11 to join the list. This list combines the extra attacks from Rapid Fire, Battlefield Leadership and Son of Skywalker to create a flurry of powerful 3-dice attacks while also recycling powerful Command cards with Leia’s Military efficiency like Son of Skywalker and Guild Programming.

Top 4 – Jon (aka Pon3d)

Deployment Cards
Rebel Saboteur Elite [7] IACP
Cassian Andor (IACP) [6] IACP
Rebel Pathfinder Elite [6] IACP
Z-6 Trooper Elite [5] IACP
Saw Gerrera (IACP) [4] IACP
Murne Rin (IACP) [4] IACP
Gideon Argus [3]
R2-D2 [3]
C-3P0 [2]

Command Cards
Overwhelming Impact (IACP) [3]
Heart of Freedom [2]
Reduce to Rubble [2][IACP]
Comm Disruption [2]
Sniper Configuration (IACP) [1]
Collateral Damage [1]
Intelligence Leak [1]
Strength in Numbers [1]
Strategic Shift [1]
Negation [1]
Urgency [0]
Take Initiative [0]
Officers Training [0]
Element of Surprise [0]
Planning [0]

Jon decided to embrace the power of explosions and went with a Heavy Weapons Rebel list, with Rebel Sabs, Pathfinders and the Z-6 Trooper attachment, and Cassian, Saw and Murne to power them up. This list can put out a lot of damage against anything that makes the mistake of standing next to each other. Jon made Top 4 after only losing to Morgan in the final round of Swiss, and then being the first semifinalist to fall to the Rancors.

The Rest of the Lists – April

Scum – 5th – Adam (aka 2bitNZ)- 2W-1L – Scum HKs + Cad Bane

Empire – 6th – Derek – 2W-1L – Assault Tank + Sentry Droids + Lie in Ambush

Scum – 7th – Etienne (aka BaconSecond) – 2W-1L – Scum Rancors

Rebel – 8th – Christian – 2W-1L – Cassian + Ko-Tun + Alliance Rangers

Empire – 9th – Tyler (aka Perforation) – Vader + Sentry Droids

Rebel – Collin (aka Gothound) – Ko-Tun/Cassian/CT/Baze/K-2

Empire – Josh (aka Darthnazrael) – Imperial Force User Hunter/Brawlers

Rebel – Mark (aka Manatee_x) – A New Hope

Scum – Herbie – Scum Rancors

Scum – Jason (aka Cyklop) – IG-11 + Bossk

Empire – Rivian – Imperial HKs + Sorin

Rebel – Tuukka – Chewie Gaarkhan Sabine Mara

Just to give a snapshot of the other lists being run, here’s a quick breakdown. You can view the full lists and command cards for each army over at

The May Tournament

There were 14 players for our May online tournament. Here’s the breakdown of the top 4. Currently we’re still waiting for the results of our final match, but both of the Finalists are actually undefeated in the Swiss and the elimination rounds.

Finalist – Herbie

Rancor 9 IACP
Rancor 9 IACP
Feeding Frenzy x2 1
Unshakeable 1
Smuggling Compartment 1 IACP
Beast Tamer 1
Jabba 6
Doctor Aphra 4 IACP
Jaw Scavenger x2 2
Bib Fortuna 3 IACP

3 Apex Predator IACP
2 Parting Blow
2 Savage Vigor IACP
1 Ferocity
1×2 Pummel
1 Change of Plans
1 Negation
1 Survival Instincts
1 Blitz
1 Brace for Impact
0 Celebration
0 Take Initiative
0 Parry IACP
0 Beatdown IACP

Once again we have Rancors in the Finals, this time with Scum instead of Empire though. Herbie, the original user of the double Rancors list in IACP, has shown his mastery by going undefeated in the tournament so far. His final challenge in the May tournament will be in the Finals against Christian.

Finalist – Christian

6 Baze Malbus IACP
7 Ko-tun IACP
6 Cassian Andor IACP
4 Murne Rin IACP
2 C-3PO
3 Gideon Argus
3 R2-D2
2 Bodhi Rook IACP
7 Rebel Sabobteur Elite IACP

3 Overwhelming Impact IACP
2 Final Stand IACP
2 Comm Disruption
2 Lock On
1 Negation
1 Sniper Configuration IACP
1 Field supply
1 Collateral damage
1 Strategic shift
1 Intelligence leak
0 Transmit the Plans IACP
0 Planning
0 Celebration
0 Take Initiative
0 Element of Surprise

Another top 4 appearance for Rebel Sabs, but this time with Christian going undefeated to the Finals with Ko-Tun, Cassian and Baze. We also see Bodhi Rook here as well, whose accuracy buff does a lot of work on this map rotation with power token generators like Cassian and Ko-Tun.

Top 4 – Derek

Deployment Cards:
Han Solo (12)
IG-11 (9) IACP
Ko-Tun (7) IACP
Saska (4) IACP
Gideon (3)
R2-D2 (3)
C-3PO (2)
Bodhi (2) IACP
Heroic Effort (0)
Rogue Smuggler (-2)

Command Cards:
On the Lam (3) IACP
Tools (2)
Comm Disruption (2)
Run for Cover (2)
Second Chance (2)
Guild Programming (2) IACP
Negation (1)
Strategic Shift (1)
Take Initiative (0)
Planning (0)
Element of Surprise (0)
Urgency (0)
Celebration (0)
Transmit the Plans (0) IACP
Expose Weakness (0) IACP

We see another Top 4 appearance of IG-11 in a Rebel list , but this time paired with Han Solo and Ko-Tun. Derek had just 1 loss in swiss in round 3, but then went down in a nail-biter of a game to Herbie in the semifinals.

Top 4 – Alex (aka Destruct1)

9 IG-11 (IACP)
8 The Mandalorian (Renegade) (IACP)
6 Jabba the Hutt
6 Onar Koma
5 Fennec Shand (IACP)
3 Bib Fortuna (IACP)
1 Clan of Two (IACP)
1 Black Market
1 Smuggling Compartment (IACP)
0 The Child (IACP)
Command Deck:

(3) Assassinate (IACP)
(3) Iron Will (IACP)
(2) Guild Programming (IACP)
(2) Worth Every Credit
(2) Heightened Reflexes
(1) Extra Protection
(1) Negation
(1) Field Tactician
(0) Take Initiative
(0) Urgency
(0) Element of Surprise
(0) Planning
(0) Parry (IACP)
(0) Opportunistic

Alex is proving to be a mainstay in the Top 4 of these tournaments, now taking three Top 4 placings in 3 tournaments. This time looking to make use of the curious but powerful abilities brought to the table by the infant formerly known as The Child, along with his typical Guardians in Mando, IG-11 and Onar Koma, as well as newcomer Fennec Shand. Unfortunately this is another strong tournament run that was ended in the top 4, losing to Christian in the semifinals. I’m sure we’ll continue to see good things from Alex in future competitions.

The Rest of the Lists – May

Scum – 5th – Jon (aka Pon3d) – 2W-1L – Mando + Bossk + Kuill

6th – Etienne (aka BaconSecond) – 2W-1L – Scum Rancors

7th – Morgan – 2W-1L – Double Rebel Sabs + Ko-Tun

8th – Noa – Drokkatta and Sabs

9th – Collin – Migs + CT + Ko-Tun + Cassian

10th – Jason (aka Cyklop) – Krennic + Scout Troopers

11th – Joey – Double AT-DP and Moff Gideon

12th – Gabe (aka Destructor) – Iden + Palpatine + Migs + Scout Troopers

13th – Adam – Double Jet Troopers + Vaders Finest + Kallus + Meeko

14th – Tyler – Scum “Evil Eight” – eight attackers (Hired Guns, Hondo, Onar, Fennec, Greedo, Aphra, Cad Bane, Bib)

So those are the results from our last 2 online tournaments. Make sure to check the IACommand Youtube channel for coverage of tournament games, including the games from the top 4 and Finals matches of the May tournament. And definitely consider playing in our upcoming June tournament which will be starting on June 10th.

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