Season 2 Playtest Survey Now Available

Season 2 Playtest Survey

The format of the Season 2 Playtest Survey is similar to Season 1’s: You will be able to choose power and fun ratings for each card and also provide detailed written feedback about them. We’ve added a section of questions we will use to collect the community’s opinions about issues that have been brought to our attention. Currently that section contains questions about Boba Fett’s abilities, a further cost reduction for Royal Guard Champion and whether or not a competitive list can be made from just Core Set figures. We will likely add, change or remove questions from that section as the Season progresses; we will make announcements when the survey has been modified.

We’ve also added some demographic questions to the survey. We’re trying to gauge what kind of players are participating in Season 2: New players, casual players or players who play IA a whole lot. We want all these types of players to participate in Season 2 and provide us feedback from their perspectives.

Your opinion is what drives IACP. We’d like it as much as you can provide it. Provide us feedback as often as you can; we use it to ensure that cards are not overpowered, are fun to play and make playing Imperial Assault worth your time.

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