Alert the Holonets: IA Command Covers Season 2

A few weeks ago, Noa with the IA Command Youtube Channel spent a few hours with IACP Steering Committee member Chris Emmick discussing all the Season 2 changes. We were happy that Noa asked challenging questions about the design process, like why IACP leaned more heavily into modifying existing cards and creating new ones for Season 2. We are also thankful Noa is including IACP in his coverage of all things IA. We recommend supporting IA Command’s Patreon and subscribing to the YouTube channel so he can continue covering this game that we all adore.

Part 1. Chris’ neckbeard is not officially supported by IACP.
Part 2. Chris and Noa get to the Boba Fett changes in this video.

Additionally Noa has been recording IACP games for events he runs in the American Northwest. Below is a contest of the Rebel heroes from A New Hope versus an AT-DP using the new Imperial Retrofitting Skirmish Upgrade.

In IACP, players can run all six heroes from A New Hope and still have Deployment points left over for Skirmish Upgrades

IA Command is also uploading competitive play videos from the 2019 Nova Open, which features fantastic high-level play in the current FFG meta. If you haven’t watched those videos, head over to the channel and enjoy.

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