Jaster’s Legacy: An Update to Season 2 Content

The Steering Committee thanks you for sharing your playtesting feedback early and often. Having your feedback submitted regularly gives us the ability to properly evaluate the effectiveness of our changes… and gives us opportunities to adjust cards mid-Season. We want to ensure that, before the Community votes in November, the cards meet the expectations we’ve set for them.

We’re proud to announce that the Official Changes document has been updated to version 2.2, which include the following updates to Season 2 content. If you’re looking for a quicker review of the changes, check out the Official Changes PDF, which now lists all the latest changes on the first page. Updates to the cards for the Vassal module and TableTopAdmiral.com list builder should be up later this week.

Boba Fett

They are here, friend. And growing more powerful.

The figure most players have playtested — either playing with or against him — has garnered mostly positive feedback. Players are not only pleased that he’s been brought to the power curve of the current meta, but they enjoy the creativity that his new abilities provides them.

Boba doesn’t quite hit the bullseye, though: We were told that Boba still doesn’t feel as strong as the other IA “queen pieces”: Darth Vader, Han Solo, IG-88. If he performs just one of his abilities during his activation, our playtesters felt like he wasn’t putting out enough damage and board control comparable to his 13-point figure cost. When players did commit and use two or more of his abilities, it still wasn’t enough and he was too easily punished, despite using movement cards or his new Hunter Instinct card to fuel his potential escape.

In response, the Steering Committee is committed making Boba Fett feel worthy of being on the echelon of other queen pieces. Boba’s Health is increased to 14 so that Boba has a better chance of surviving when your opponent goes all-in attacking him. Boba’s “Wrist Rocket” ability now can target figures up to 4 spaces away from the figure. Boba’s “Wrist Flamethrower” now does 1<damage> along with 1<strain> and Weaken. And the big change: All of Boba’s abilities now cost just 2 movement points to do, down from 3.

We’ll meet again, friend.

Another common criticism we heard is that Boba’s Command card was not very exciting: While empowering his abilities with a free move action was appreciated, most playtesters didn’t like the conditional VP penalty to opponents if Boba defeats a figure during that activation. To alleviate this issue, Boba’s Command card now allows him to spend 2 movement points to perform an attack without spending an action. This should make Mercenary lists that focus on card draw especially deadly when including Boba.

Finally, the IACP Command card for Boba Fett was originally titled “Hunter Instincts”. Initially a mistake on the Committee’s part, we decided to wait and see if players found any value having the choice between that card and Boba’s old Command card named “Mandalorian Tactics”. That does not seem to be the case. For simplicity’s sake, the IACP Command card for Boba Fett now is called “Mandalorian Tactics” and overrides the FFG version of the card.

Suppressive Fire & Cohesive Fireteam

The Steering Committee has been very pleased to see the Community take these two brand-new Skirmish Upgrades and use them to empower Deployments that are either already powerful or those that needed a little push. We’ve heard players have successful moments with unique Troopers or Heavy Weapon figure using Suppressive Fire to setup a target for an approaching melee figure. We’ve also seen Cohesive Fireteam turn deployments of Elite Stormtrooper into potent damage dealers & turn a deployment of Regular Rebel Trooper into figures that a severely-weakened queen piece doesn’t want to be near.

Both of you showed valor out there, real courage. Reminded me of me, actually.

In fact the power level of these two Skirmish Upgrades gave a significant number of our testers pause. In particular, the first paragraph of Cohesive Fireteam enables Troopers using that attachment to do up to 6 unblockable <damage> within one round if those Troopers are reactivated. The intent of the first paragraph of Cohesive Fireteam was to raise the damage floor of Trooper deployments, not for Troopers to push significant unblockable damage through high-defense figures. Our change, which limits the unblockable damage to just twice per round, should resolve this issue without taking too much of the punch out of the card.

Better hurry, sir. You’re missing all the fun.

With Suppressive Fire, some of our playtesters were concerned that the targeted figure was suffering too much from the card with both the <strain> and Weakened condition. We felt like the card needs at least one of the two, and we like how Weakening a target sets that target up for future attacks from either the same Trooper deployment or from another activation. The <strain> has been removed.

Imperial Retrofitting & Imperial Massive Vehicles

Sorry, AT-DP.

The card that has been tested the second-most has been Imperial Retrofitting. We’ve been excited to see our playtesters flock to Imperial Massive Vehicles and make competitive lists with them. We’ve seen some really creative usages of General Weiss with Troopers and even a hard-charging Royal Guard Champion.

Our playtesters also discovered a potential problem with our new card and the AT-DP. Moving & gaining a <block> power token ensures the AT-DP has a static +2<block> for at least 2 attacks… which provides a better defensive outcome than two black dice before the Imperial player uses Brace for Impact or Zillo Technique. Additionally, that the AT-DP has “Assault” built in, the free Imperial Retrofitting movement changed the AT-DP from a potentially strong figure to one that was nearly impossible to handle for opponents.

The Steering Committee wants to have Imperial Massive Figures back on the table, but not necessarily dominating table with pure defense efficiency. We’ve prevented the AT-DP from using Imperial Retrofitting, as the card’s primary purpose is to get the older Massive Figures viable for the current meta. We’ve also removed the free block token gained when figures perform a move and will be watching to make sure Weiss & the AT-ST can still survive against Hunters and other opponents that can deal out a ton of damage.

We hope these changes keep the AT-DP as option to play with Extra Armor but encourages players to use the AT-ST as the cheaper Imperial Retrofitting card. We also have no data on how the S2C-M Repulsor Tank works with Imperial Retrofitting; if you have play this combination, please let us know.

Royal Guard Champion

The galaxy has changed—it’s mine for the taking!

Our playtesters celebrated the return of the Royal Guard Champion to their lineups. The RGC’s unique combination of speed and Brutality makes him a worrisome flanker for opponents. However we also heard our playtesters like his abilities, they felt like he was still too expensive compared to those abilities. We’ll reduce his cost by one more, from 11 to 10, and see if this makes him too cost efficient for list building.

Jyn Odan, Rogue Smuggler

Trigger-happy fly girl

While most playtesters have enjoyed the power increase of Jyn Odan, some are concerned that she is now too good for her Deployment price of 5. We feel that Jyn’s “Sidewinder” ability might be fueling that feedback, as it allows her to potentially move up to 4 spaces twice a round when she performs an attack and then uses “Hair Trigger”. While we want Jyn to be shifty, we don’t want her to get so far away from figures that she can’t be chased down. Now her “Sidewinder” is limited to be once a round only.

Furious Charge

Gaarkhan, now 33% more furious-er!

The feedback we’ve gotten from Gaarkhan has been positive but difficult to evaluate, as Gaarkhan proves to be a tasty target for Hunters. Playtesters tell us that the increase in price for his Command card makes it difficult to fit it into a Command deck. While we are still concerned about the power of reactivating figures, we feel that our decision to increase the price of Gaarkhan’s card negatively impacts Gaarkhan too much. So we are reverting the change: Gaarkhan’s original card costing 2 points is the card to be using going forward.

Relentless Pursuit

Only a few more weeks remain of Season 2 testing. Download the latest Official Changes & printable cards and grab some worthy opponents. Be sure to share your feedback before November 4th, the beginning of Season 2 Voting. Help us make Boba the most feared bounty hunter in the IA universe and continue making this game fun, fresh and worthy of our time.

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