Built on Hope: An Imperial Assault Podcast

Announcing a brand new podcast!

Built on Hope is a podcast dedicated to Competitive Imperial Assault and IACP, hosted by Isaac Borno, Jessica Gao and David Gao. Hoping to provide the Imperial Assault community with not only more content, but new content too, the Built on Hope cast have several topics and themes they wish to explore, from Isaac’s Match-up Analysis (and the occasional teases and leaks from future seasons), to Jessica’s Academy for new members of the community, to David’s Gameplay Psychology segments.

With a variety of playstyles from ranging from Sniper, to Imperial-body-spam, to Loth Cats, Built on Hope strives to produce a podcast which appeals to all players, regardless of how long they’ve been playing or what playstyle they prefer.
Built on Hope aims to keep the best gaming community in the World strong through promoting the game, hosting tournaments, and above all, connecting with the community, and we are now releasing our very first episode!

Episode 0 is a shorter episode than most will be. It aims to provide an insight into the purpose and goal of the podcast, dive into what the different segments we may record will entail, while also introducing the three hosts!
Be sure to check out new releases at https://builtonhopeia.podbean.com, and connect with us on Social Media at https://www.instagram.com/built_on_hope_ia.

See you on the Skirmish mat!

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