Don’t get in my way… That’s right! Shoo!

As the Regional Season has finally arrived, many of us are in the exact same struggle: What do we bring? Do we optimise our lists as much as possible, or do we finally decide to just goof around with Biv (I am not liable for any horrendous Tournament standings as a result of this advice), letting fate and “Timmy” Guide us this time!

Regardless of what you decide to do this Regional Season, there have been concerns raised to the Steering Committee regarding some units being overpowered, such as Boba and Nexus. We are intending on addressing this soon, but as some Regionals are too close for us to make a sound decision in time, we have made one choice, which will officially stand until otherwise informed:

Looks like he got in his own way this time
Looks like he got in his own way this time!

Boba Fett’s Command Card, Mandalorian Tactics, is hereby BANNED From all IACP Tournaments until otherwise rectified, effective immediately.

While we respect that this may be to the frustration of many, we have come to realise that Boba is simply too strong. While this will be rectified in a future update, for now we have decided to at least partially nerf him by banning his Command Card. We hope that this change will balance the next few Regional Championships slightly, until we execute proper fixes. Ultimately, we want the fairest and most open Regional Season we can

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, and we hope you enjoy your Regional Season!

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