I Have You Now: Season 2 Voting Results

In two weeks of voting, we collected 43 ballots from our community. Thanks to everyone who took the time to cast a ballot and help guide our project. Like for the Season 1 vote, we will be sharing the results of the Season 2 Feedback and Next Season Suggestions sections of the Community Vote survey in separate posts.

All the Season 2 changes met the 70% or greater approval threshold to be considered IACP Official! All but one of the changes garnered at least 80% approval from voters: Kayn Somos’ price increase from 6 to 7. Below we discuss why that vote was relatively close and some other issues that voters brought up in the survey (and an issue discovered after the vote was over). At the end of this article, you will be able to review the vote totals for every Season 2 item.

Kayn Somos

There has been a subsection of IACP players who felt Kayn costing 6 points — therefore being able to be selected for the Death Trooper’s Field Tactics ability — did not confer an unfair advantage to players fielding those deployments. The Committee was looking forward to seeing how the overall community would resolve this: If they did not accept the Kayn Somos price change, then we’d have to make a decision about Kayn going back to 6 points and what to do with Advanced Com Systems (which, in Season 2, was dropped in price from 1 to 0).

Ultimately, 74.4% of voters (32 of 43) approved of the Kayn Somos price increase. Kayn’s cost will be increased to 7 in the next version of the Official Changes.

While they didn’t get Kayn’s price reduced, we hear the Imperial players who want more options for the Death Trooper’s ability to chain activation. This is a design space the Committee would like to explore with future Imperial Leaders… perhaps a certain Director who drove the development of the Death Star? Only time will tell.

Advanced Com Systems

One concern that was expressed to the Committee about our price drop of Advanced Com Systems was how it becomes an “always take” Skirmish Upgrade, since Imperials will almost always be taking a Leader of some sort. Adding an extra space of range on a Regular Imperial Officer’s abilities can be a non-trivial buff, especially on larger maps where those Officers’ might need to be a little further away from the troops they support to find cover.

Our voters didn’t seem to find ACS having a price of zero as a significant problem: 81.4% of all voters approved of the change. However, during Season 3, the Committee will be watching closely to ensure ACS doesn’t allow a Regular Imperial Officer to become better than the figure’s 2-point cost. If that does occur, the Committee may elect to restrict ACS to Unique & Elite deployments only.

Royal Guard Champion

After the voting period ended, the Committee discovered an error on the question for the Royal Guard Champion: It indicated that the deployments cost was to be reduced to 11, when the intent was to reduce the cost to 10. The RGC started Season 2 costing 11, then was reduced to 10 midway through the Season when feedback indicated that the figure was still not providing enough value relative to its cost.

90.7% (39 of 43 total) approved of reducing the cost of the Royal Guard Champion. The Committee is going to go ahead and reduce the cost of the RGC to 10 based on this vote, since it was tested at 10 points for half of Season 2 with no negative feedback in our Playtesting Survey.

If you submitted a ballot and would have not approved the RGC cost reduction to 10, please let us know. If we have enough voters letting us know that they would have changed their vote, we will issue a correction in Season 3.

Knowledge and Defense

The Season 2 rework of Knowledge and Defense was approved by 88.4% (38) of the voters. The Committee did notice that some voters left comments in the Community Vote survey about their concerns on how Knowledge and Defense enabled players to roll multiple white dice — leading to a higher percentage of dodges being rolled within a game. The dodge defensive result remains a controversial mechanic since the game’s inception, as multiple dodges often negate skillful play. The Committee will be watching how this Command card influences games in Season 3 — especially with Yoda, a Force User whose Wisdom ability increases the player’s chance at drawing Knowledge and Defense in the early stages of the game. If playtesting in Season 3 indicates that the card is causing too much dodge influence for Rebel Force Users, we will look at creating a hotfix for it.

All Voting Results

Proposed Change Approval Percentage
Knowledge and Defense (changed Command card)88.4%
Deflection (changed Command card)83.7%
IACP Kayn Somos (cost increased to 7)74.4%
Elite AT-ST (cost reduced to 11)86.0%
Royal Guard Champion (cost reduced to 10)90.7%
General Weiss (changed Deployment card)90.7%
Imperial Retrofitting (new Deployment card)93.0%
Spectre Cell (FFG Errata card now legal in IACP play)93.0%
Jyn Odan (new Elite Deployment card)93.0%
Gaarkhan (new Elite Deployment card)97.7%
Fenn Signis (new Elite Deployment card)88.4%
IACP Diala Passil (changed Deployment card)97.7%
Suppressive Fire (new Neutral Deployment card)81.4%

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