Season 3 Introduction: 22 New and Changed Cards

The IACP Steering Committee is proud to — finally! — introduce content for Season 3. Starting today and running until the end of the day on January 31st, 2020, we will be collecting your feedback and comments on these cards. Feel free to use these cards in test games and give us your first impressions of the cards. We’ll be collecting this feedback and, where applicable, changing or removing cards. On Monday, February 3rd, Season 3 will be locked in for playtesting.

In previous Seasons, we’ve utilized a Google Form to collect your feedback in this Discussion period. This Season we’ve opted for a more informal approach towards hearing from you. You can share your assessment of Season 3 cards using one of several avenues of communication:

  • Leaving a comment on this post (or any of the Season 3 Introduction posts)
  • Emailing your thoughts to
  • Joining the Zion’s Finest Slack community on #iacontinuityproject and chatting about changes there (how to join)

Below is a summary of the Season 3 changes, with links to articles that goes into each faction or card type’s changes in detail:

  • Season 3 Rebels
    • New Yoda Deployment & Command cards; New Biv Bodhrik Deployment & Command cards; New Saska Teft Deployment card; Changed Obi-Wan Kenobi Deployment card; Changed Fury of Kashyyyk Skirmish Upgrade card
  • Season 3 Imperials
    • New Elite Scout Trooper Deployment card; Changed Elite ISB Infiltrator Deployment card; Changed Elite Royal Guard Deployment card; Changed SC2-M Repulsor Tank Deployment card
  • Season 3 Mercenaries
    • New Boba Fett Deployment & Command cards; New 4-LOM Deployment & Command cards; New Zuckuss Deployment & Command cards; Changed Dengar Deployment card; Changed Elite Tusken Raider Deployment card
  • Season 3 Guardian Command Cards
    • 2 new and 1 changed Command cards

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