Scomp Link: Help Guide Our Future Card Testing & Development

The Steering Committee have been working on the initial design process for Season 4. We’ve been inspired not just by our own ideas but those shared with us in the Zion’s Finest Slack channel and elsewhere. Before we lock down the changes in Season 4 and set a direction for future Season content, we’d like to give our community an opportunity to weigh in on some potential changes discussed in the past.

The Steering Committee has updated our Season 3 Playtest Survey with a number of new questions focusing on what kind of card & rule changes you would like to see in future IACP Seasons. You’ll find the questions as part of the “Season 3 Questions” section early in the survey. Please take a few minutes of your time to fill out that section — and if you have a few more minutes, give us your latest results and opinions with our current Season 3 and IACP Approved cards.

Here are the questions:

  • Would you want to test changing and/or banning some of the following cards?
    • Celebration, Rebel Graffiti, On the Lam, Elite Weequay Pirate, Greedo, Zillo Technique, Temporary Alliance (Empire), Temporary Alliance (Mercenary)
  • Would you want to test changing how Focus works?
    • A potential change: Instead of granting an extra attack die, it grants a static bonus to attacks.
  • What existing FFG cards (or IACP changes to existing FFG cards) would you like to change or improve? And how?
  • What new Deployment or Command cards would you like see added to skirmish?

Head over to the Season 3 Playtest Survey and let us know what you think.

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