Season 3 Competitive Rundown: Rebels

As part of the series of blog posts in preparation for the upcoming IACP Season 3 events, this article is taking a look at Season 3 changes for the Rebel Alliance. There are some new areas ripe for opportunity with the introduction of new figures and updates to old Rebels. (You can review our Season 3 Competitive Rundowns on the Imperial & Mercenary factions as well.)

An Old Hope

The Rebel Alliance has long been the bastion of fantastic spies, coupled with Force Users that provide a consistent level of damage dealing abilities on the battlefield. With the introduction of Yoda – Jedi Master providing additional focus, card draw and condition management; there are new opportunities to create a deep striking cell of Rebel Heroes.

Compared to the traditional box of Rebel heroes, Ahsoka Tano – Rebel Instigator and Jarrod Kelvin allow long range strike abilities against targets hidden behind walls. Luke Skywalker – Hero of the Rebellion and Leia Organa – Rebel Commander provide the ability to perform multiple attacks per round, as well as cycle Son of Skywalker to make the most of Luke (anybody remember Wondertwins). The Balance of the Force skirmish upgrade allows you pack the command deck with all the fun and games you’d like to put out there.

Son of Skywalker in combination with spy command cards makes the list tick, and cycling it with Leia allows you to maximise its usage. The spy cards are in there to limit your opponent’s actions and ideally should be used by Mak Eshka’rey. Other than that the deck is packed out with defensive cards to keep your figures in the game as long as possible.

Get Behind Me can be used by Yoda to keep Luke and Leia unharmed for as long as possible.

Alternatives to consider

If you wanted to maximize the list’s damage potential, dropping Leia for Ezra Bridger – Spectre-6 provides a big boost in the individual attackers, and provides further synergy with Yoda.

Rebel Strike Package

With the changes in Season 3, it’s also worth considering what Biv Bodhrik – Fueled by Vengeance brings to the table. Biv now adds a strong attacker capable of putting out multiple attacks per round and dishing out strain. Paired with other Rebel hunters (Sabine, Alliance Rangers) you’ll have a list capable of matching the damage output of Scum hunters, whilst capable of dishing damage out to swarms.

A Rebel Alliance hunter list allows large initiative swing combinations, but has unique and different playstyles the typical mercenary hunter lists. The use of Biv allows you to output a good amount of damage at mid-range, and is deadly when used in close quarters, whilst Sabine allows you to make great use of her Parting Gift to output unblockable damage. Hera allows you to smooth out the bad luck in your damage curves.

In terms of your Command deck any extra victory points and boosts to attacks will prove vitally important. Using Price on Their Heads, Celebration and Rebel Graffiti will allow you to get the most ‘bucks for your bang’.

Extra attacks gained through Call the Vanguard and Close and Personal will prove vital in providing those key initiative swings to allow you to take out that figure that must be defeated. The Hunter Package™ allows your figures to spike damage to ensure you earn you Victory Points and defeat those figures you have to remove from the battlefield.

Alternatives to Consider

A rebel strain-train may be possible to put into action with three copies of Escalating Hostility. Biv allows you to potentially output 4 strain per activation – this goes up to 7 strain with two copies of Escalating Hostility. That’s half of a command deck! Paired with other multi-attack figures (perhaps Boba Fett – Infamous Bounty Hunter lending the plucky Rebel Alliance a hand via Saska Taft – Underworld Innovator’s Shady Contacts ability) – the strain will rapidly rack up on your opponent. Using C1-10P – “Chopper” may prove too much strain for card dependent lists to handle.

The Season 3 changes to the Rebel Alliance have opened up a variety of options that enable new possibilities and hopes for that plucky band of heroes; and the committee are really looking forward to seeing the creativity in the Rebel Alliance lists during the online Regional this Sunday!

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