Collect Intel: Online Play Questionnaire

The Steering Committee enjoyed the conversation had on the latest episode of Built on Hope about IACP and supporting organized play events for players who prefer the more-stable IACP Approved format. (We highly recommend you listen to it as well!) Since the release of the podcast, the Committee has been discussing what potential changes we could be making to help promote IACP Approved play. To do so, we’d like for you to take the anonymous poll about your availability to play in online events. Even if you are completely unavailable for online play, we’d like for you to take the survey so we have a count of players who are unable to play online.

The poll should load within this post below. If it does not, you can click this link to go to the poll directly. Be sure to click on the “Submit” button to record your answers. Thanks for your time in helping us better our organized play options.

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