Much to Learn: Introducing the Jedi Trials League for Beginners

The IACP Steering Committee knows there are many of you who, while following along with our project, haven’t played very many games or are still learning how to play Skirmish. We’d like to invite you new players to a special organized play event geared towards you: The Jedi Trials League!

Starting Monday June 29th, players in the Jedi Trials League will play one game a week online for a total of 4 weeks. If you join this league, you will matched with others of similar skill levels in a friendly, encouraging environment. You will have access to experienced players to answer questions about rules & gameplay — both within & outside of your games. Even if you don’t have any experience playing online, that’s okay: The Event Organizer will schedule a one-on-one session with you to give you the basics of Vassal, the free tabletop software you can run from just about any computer.

If you consider yourself someone who would benefit from this kind of experience, you can sign up by filling out the form below. (If the form doesn’t load, you can open it in a new browser window.) After submitting, the Event Organizer will contact you with information on how to get set up for online play.

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