Furious Charge: Season 4 Starts Today

The wait is finally over: Today is the first day of Season 4! Head over to the IACP Official Documents to download the Official Changes & Printable Cards PDFs. A few of the cards have been changed from their preview versions based on your feedback or errors we discovered in the text. This includes a functional errata to the timing restriction of Lando Calrissian’s Shrewd Scoundrel ability to only while attacking or defending to prevent a problematic combo with Battlefield Awareness and cards like Grenadier and Pickpocket. This also includes templating updates to the Mortar Trooper, Rebel Pathfinder and Director Krennic cards. Be sure to review our PDFs carefully.

TabletopAdmiral.com’s list builder, Tabletop Simulator skirmish module & Vassal module should be updated soon for your list building & online playing convenience. The Season 4 Playtest Survey is now live and should be a bit more streamlined than previous versions.

In the flurry of Season 4 Previews posted on the site during July, you might have missed some of the announcements we’ve made about Season 4 & the future of IACP:

Be sure to join the IACP Discord (invite link) and Zion’s Finest Slack (invite link) to connect with the IACP Community and find play opportunities.

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