Season 4 Testing League Starts August 10th

You now have the opportunity to join the IACP Community with our Season 4 Playtest period! The Season 4 Testing League pairs players for one game to complete a week playing online using Vassal or Tabletop Simulator. Players will need to join the IACP Discord, where Testing League announcements will be made & will allow them to play additional Testing League games during the week. The league runs until November 2nd, 2020, and players may join, drop and re-join at any time.

This season, we’re asking Testing League participants to submit playtesting feedback both with the Testing League Feedback Survey (which is a bit shorter than the normal Playtest Survey) & by submitting game logs to our online folder. Players who submit at least 6 sets of surveys & game logs to us will be rewarded by Uncle TVBoy with this awesome Heroic Effort alt-art card!

Sign up for the Season 4 Testing League by going to the Event Outline and clicking on the “Signup on” button.

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