Announcing Bespin Trials Season 4 League and Season 4 Novice Player Jedi Trials

We are happy to announce the return of the IACP Approved Play Online League in the form of the Bespin Trials and the Novice Player League as the Season 4 Jedi Trials.

Bespin Trials League

The Bespin Trials will be a swiss league format (no elimination and player ranked by W/L record) with weekly games starting on November 23rd and will run for 4-6 weeks depending on player count. This league is casual competitive and meant to promote increased online play during season 4 approved play, with players expected to work with their assigned opponent each week either through the IACP Discord or Zions Finest Slack to arrange their games. Steering Committee member Derek Martens will be the organizer for this event.

You can sign up for the Bespin Trials through here. Please make sure your TTO username matches your Slack and Discord handles so people can easily find you to schedule games.

Jedi Trials – Season 4 Novice Player League

Last season we introduced the Jedi Trials as an experiment to bring new people into skirmish and IACP and give less experienced players a more even playing field of competitors in which to hone and practice their skills. The Jedi Trials were a huge success and we are hoping to make this a regular feature of approved play.

The Jedi Trials are meant to be a skirmish environment where new and novice players can play against other players of a similar skill level, coupled with a personal introduction to online skirmish and the IACP from a Steering Committee member through Discord voice chat. While playing against players that are far more experienced and knowledgeable is a great way to improve your skills, it can be a bit intimidating when you’re just starting out to play against players that have such a wide gap in experience and knowledge about the game.

If you are a new skirmish player looking to get into the game for the first time, or maybe a very casual player that’s interested in getting more competitive but has a lot of questions about how to play online or how to get better at the game, you can send an email to with your name, time zone and what times you would be available to meet with a Steering Committee member who can give you an introduction to the skirmish game and online play and answer any of your questions.

You don’t have to be a brand-new player to participate in the Jedi Trials league, players of all experience levels are welcome, however we are asking that our more battle-hardened players stick to the normal League play and tournaments so that newer and less experienced players can get a chance to play and practice against other players of a similar experience level. This league is designed for players that may be intimidated or discouraged from playing against higher level players and want to get some experience playing against players closer to their own skill level.

You can sign up for the Jedi Trials league here if you feel this would be a good fit for you. Jedi Trials league games will be arranged primarily through a dedicated channel in the IACP Discord which you can join here:

IACommand also features useful videos with information for new skirmish players that can be found here:

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