IACP Map Rotation: Chopper Base, Atollon

Hello, everyone! The time has come for the second map rotation on the new IACP map schedule. We of the IACP Steering Committee are pleased to announce that Chopper Base, Atollon will be joining the tournament map rotation, replacing Endor Defense Station, effective Monday November 30th, 2020. This map is found in the Hera Syndulla and Chopper expansion pack.

Larger version can be found at BoardWars.eu

Chopper Base, Atollon will have players battling for control of Phoenix Squadron’s home base. Its best trait is that it is broadly symmetrical, with neither deployment zone having a Positioning Advantage. The placement of doors makes it difficult (but not impossible) to fully engage in combat on the first round. The blocking terrain outside each deployment zone provides shelter from long range fire from either end of the map and down the middle. Finally, the symmetrical objective distribution means that both players have equal opportunity to earn points. This symmetry ensures both combat-heavy and objective-heavy game plans can be successful.

The Missions

The first mission, Krykna Infestation, allows for combat-focused figures to be useful in Round 1. Each team has easy access to 3 Kryknas without opening a door (although one of those three requires long range fire across the hangar or trash pit). Additionally, each terminal is within 3 spaces of a Krykna, so the beasties must be dealt with if you want to protect your terminal sitters. Deploying defeated Kryknas to the opponent’s deployment zone makes camping in the deployment zone a dangerous proposition, encouraging more dynamic play.

While this mission may seem to strike a Deathblow to Jabba the Hutt, Mortar Troopers, or other units that stay in the deployment zone, it is worth noting that at 2 damage a round, they need to suffer 4-5 Krykna strikes, while only one new Krykna spawns a round (and after damage is dealt). This means neither will die to even a concentrated Krykna attack until the end of Round 4. Considering most games end in Round 3 or 4, the Kryknas will not attack deployment-bound figures so fiercely as to chase them from the meta.

Star Wars Rebels: The Mystery of Chopper Base Preview! - Star Wars News Net
Hopefully your own armies will handle the Krykna better than the Rebels did…

The second mission, Powered Perimeter, brings an element of random objectives not seen since Tarkin Initiative Labs. This puts a dynamic twist on the standard “hold the objective” missions we all know and love. At the beginning of each round, 4 of the 6 Signal markers will gain 2 VPs of value. With the even placement of the Markers, each deployment zone will have an equal number of VP accrual nearby. The slow buildup also means that Markers that are away from the combat or heavily contested will have the opportunity to build up 6 or even 8 VPs of value by the end of the game!

A New Arrival and a Departure

We on the Steering Committee are very excited for Chopper Base, Atollon to enter rotation because of its symmetry and interesting, dynamic objectives. We hope to see this symmetrical map become a favorite like past maps Mos Eisley Back Alleys and Jabba’s Palace. Unfortunately, welcoming a new map to rotation means we must bid Endor Defense Station farewell. While we will miss the brutal brawling and tricky maneuvering Endor was famous for, it has been in the public eye since before Worlds 2019 and goes to its well-deserved retirement (for now?).

The new map rotation goes into effect on November 30, 2020. We look forward to Chopper Base, Atollon‘s debut in the upcoming Bespin Trials and beyond. What do you think of the new map? Let us know in the comments below, or on our Discord, Facebook group, or Zion’s Finest Slack channel!

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