Season 5 Preview: Agents of the Empire

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another preview of the IACP’s Season 5! Today, we are taking a look at two of the Galactic Empire’s most capable agents: Agent Kallus and Commander Iden Versio. Both agents played important roles in the Empire’s response to the Rebel Alliance. Now, they bring their prodigious skills to your Imperials armies to discover and destroy any dissent to the Empire’s Rule by Fear.

Snuff Out the Spark of Rebellion

In the first two seasons of the Rebels TV show, Agent Kallus was a constant thorn in the side of the Ghost Crew. No matter where they went or what their scheme, Agent Kallus was right on their tail. Now, he brings his tenacity to your Imperial armies. With his Hunt Dissent ability, Kallus strengthens himself and his allies when your opponent plays a Command Card. What if your opponent has no Command Cards, but you still want the damage tokens? Kallus has an answer for that, too: he may let both you and your opponent draw a card with his Fulcrum ability. Finally, Kallus leans into his Brawler trait with the Bo-Rifle ability giving him access to both the ranged and melee attack types.

Armed with his Bo-Rifle and trained into three traits, Agent Kallus is a flexible fighter suited to handling any surprises your opponent throws your way. He can act as a Marksman just as easily as he deals Parting Blows to your enemies. As a Spy, Kallus can exploit Intelligence Leaks and Cut Lines of communication. As a Leader, Kallus can Inspire his fellow troops and exercise strategic Planning. Overall, Agent Kallus will be a strong and flexible addition to your Imperial forces.

However, the most unique card that Agent Kallus can play is his personal command card: Face Me! Using this card, Kallus goads one of your enemy’s unique figures into facing him in hand-to-hand combat in the open. Kallus can use his card to drag a unique figure out of hiding to face him in honorable combat… or to face a Firing Squad of your other figures. Either way, Agent Kallus’ card cements the star ISB agent as one of the most flexible and interesting Imperial unique figures! However, Agent Kallus is not the only special operative joining the Empire in Season 5…

Today, the Rebellion Dies

The lead character of Star Wars Battlefront II (2017), Commander Iden Versio leads Inferno Squad, a crack team of Imperial special forces, in their quest to destroy the Rebellion calling itself a “New Republic.” In Imperial Assault, Iden uses her signature TL-50 Heavy Repeating Blaster to spray blaster bolts at anyone who gets in her way. However, by spending a power token, she also gains access to a powerful Pulse Cannon blast! Adding 4 accuracy to her attack results turns Iden into an accomplished sniper. And yes, if you spend a damage power token, you will get a total of +2 damage to your attack, or even +3 if you use Director Krennic‘s Unhinged Director ability. Iden Versio will be a force to be reckoned with in the single-target damage arena.

Iden Versio’s other abilities revolve around her faithful ID10 Seeker Droid, Dio! Once per activation, Dio can use his Droid Kit to give Iden a damage or surge power token to fuel her Pulse Cannon ability, or to aid her defense with a block or evade token. And because Dio is Attached to Iden’s combat harness, he can follow his beloved master wherever she goes, using his Insignificant ability to hide from enemy attacks. Dio is no slouch in combat, however: he is capable of giving Iden’s enemies a stunning electric shock to keep them in place or keep them from attacking his master.

Together, Iden and Dio are capable of playing a variety of command cards. In addition to Leader and Spy cards, Iden can play Trooper cards like Call the Vanguard and Grenadier! Meanwhile, Dio can show his Devotion to Iden by activating his Terminal Protocol to catch their enemies off guard. Finally, the dynamic duo can use their shared unique command card: Static Pulse. Using this card, you can strain or weaken large groups of enemies, softening them up for Iden to finish the job with her Repeating Blaster.

Speaking of Command cards, the Steering Committee is pleased to announce that we are introducing a new version of Director Krennic’s unique command card, Deploy the Garrison!, to the game. This version has a much smaller effect for a much smaller price. Now, only Troopers and Guardians within 4 spaces of the Aspirational Officer will gain a power token or movement points. However, the card now only costs 1 point and no longer causes those who listen to his rantings Strain. With this flexible card Krennic can help his troops get a head start out of the deployment zone on round 1, help them gear up for the final assault at the beginning of round 4, or anything in between.

Bring Order to the Galaxy

With the addition of Agent Kallus and Iden Versio, the Imperial faction now has access to two more powerful unique figures to lead the Imperial Legions to victory! Will you choose to send in the Tenacious Investigator to track down your enemies, the Inferno Commander to wipe them out, or perhaps both alongside Thrawn, Terro, and the Emperor himself as a gang of villains ready to crush all dissent? No matter how you use them, we would love to hear your thoughts about these new cards on our Discord serverFacebook group, and in the Zion’s Finest Slack channel. May the Emperor’s light guide you in all your endeavors…

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