Important Dates for Season 5 and Beyond

Back in May 2020, we posted an article detailing a new structure for IACP Seasons that included pre-set dates for important events like set releases, playtesting updates and community approval votes. This was meant to give IACP players a sense of regularity and predictability so that big announcements and changes didn’t feel like they came out of the blue and were also easier to wait for. In that article we gave a release date for Season 5, but the following dates were left vague. Here are the dates you might want to know about for Season 5 and beyond. You may want to refer back to the original “Let the Past Die” article linked above for a more in-depth look at the general structure for IACP and what things like Testing Period and Approved play periods are.

  • 2021
  • February 1st:
    • Season 5 Full Release, all cards spoiled, change document and FAQ updated.
    • Season 5 Testing Period begins
    • Season 5 Testing League signups open
  • February 8th:
    • Season 5 Testing League begins
  • March 8th:
    • Season 5.1 Update – First patch to Season 5 cards based on public playtesting and surveys
  • March 29th:
    • Season 5.2 Update – Second patch to Season 5 cards
    • Map Rotation – ISB HQ rotates out for new (or old) map, TBD
    • Season 5 Community vote opens and will stay open for voting until April 11th
  • April 11th:
    • Last day for Season 5 community voting to approve Season 5 cards
  • April 12th:
    • Season 5 cards with 70% community approval gain approved status
    • Season 5 Approved play begins. No changes will be made to approved cards for 3 months until Season 6 testing league starts. Competitive leagues and events will run during this period, during which players don’t need to worry about any cards changing.
  • July 12th:
    • Season 6 spoilers officially begin
  • July 26th:
    • Season 6 Release date
    • Season 6 Testing Period begins
    • Map Rotation – Coruscant Senate Office rotates out for new (or old) map, TBD

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