Season 5 Community Vote Results

Hello everyone! We at the IACP Steering Committee are pleased to announce the results of the IA Continuity Project Season 5 Community Vote. Season 5 had a lot going on, and everyone’s playtesting time, thought, and energy are greatly appreciated. Without further ado, lets look at the results! Drumroll, please…


A total of 38 changed cards, including 13 deployment cards with new or updated text, 3 updated skirmish upgrade cards, 5 recosted deployment cards and new command cards for new unique figures, were playtested by the IACP community from February 1st through the month of April. Voting opened to the public on April 9th and concluded on April 25th.

The preset bar for a card to be approved by the community has been and remains a 70% approval vote. This season we had 30 community members who chose to cast their vote, which means that a card needed a minimum of 21 votes to be approved into long-term IACP play. Cards that meet the required 70% approval threshold will be permanently added to the IACP changes document and will only be changed if it’s determined that a significant change is required for competitive balance reasons, in which case the cards will go through another playtesting period in a future season.

Proposed ChangeApproval Percentage
Assassinate (undo Season 1 nerf, back to FFG version)60.00%
Apex Predator (New Command Card)86.67%
Blend In (New Command Card)83.33%
Cavalry Charge (Updated Command Card)86.67%
Definition: Love (New Command Card)93.33%
Deploy the Garrison! (New Command Card)90.00%
Face Me! (New Command Card)93.33%
Feint (New Command Card)83.33%
Overwhelming Impact (New Command Card)90.00%
Rapid Recalibration (New Command Card)86.67%
Reactive Loyalties (New Command Card)93.33%
Rest in Peace (New Command Card)80.00%
Sniper Configuration (New Command Card)93.33%
Static Pulse (New Command Card)83.33%
Windfall (New Command Card)90.00%
Fury of Kashyyyk (Updated Skirmish Upgrade)93.33%
Cassian Andor (New Deployment Card)93.33%
K-2SO (New Deployment Card)86.67%
Murne Rin (Updated Deployment Card)86.67%
Davith Elso (Updated Deployment Card)73.33%
Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight (Recosted Deployment Card)80.00%
Biv Bodhrik (Recosted IACP Deployment Card)96.67%
The Generals Ranks (Updated Skirmish Upgrade)90.00%
Agent Kallus (New Deployment Card)96.67%
AT-ST (Recosted Deployment Card)90.00%
Captain Terro (Updated Deployment Card)93.33%
Heavy Stormtrooper (Updated Elite Deployment Card)90.00%
Iden Versio & Dio (New Deployment and Companion Card)96.67%
Clawdite Shapeshifter: Scout Form (Updated Form Card)90.00%
Clawdite Shapeshifter: Senator Form (Updated Form Card)96.67%
Clawdite Shapeshifter: Soldier Form (New Form Card)86.67%
Doctor Aphra (New Deployment Card)76.67%
HK-47 (New Deployment Card)83.33%
Wampa (Updated Elite Deployment Card)96.67%
Under Duress (Updated Skirmish Upgrade)93.33%
Dengar (Recosted IACP Deployment Card)93.33%
Zuckuss (Recosted IACP Deployment Card)90.00%
Mara Jade (New Deployment Card)96.67%
Approval Percentage is out of 30 ballots cast

Breaking It Down

Too Powerful For This World

As you can see, only one card failed to pass muster: the de-nerfed Assassinate. The comments we received in the community vote explaining “no” votes concerned about the ability to kill a large figure in one shot by playing a bunch of Hunter cards in one attack. This is a legitimate concern, and it is why we nerfed the card in the first place. The playtest statistics bear this out: of the games where the de-nerfed Assassinate resolved in Season 5, the player who did so went on to win around 60% of the time. A 60% win rate is on the high end of power rankings (on par with Vader and Palpatine), so it is unsurprising that the community chose to revert this card to its previous version with less power and snazzier, Cad-Bane-ier art.

It is also not surprising is that Davith Elso barely managed to scrape past the voting process. The criticisms of Davith were consistent: they say he just is not good enough to be worth 6 points. For the same price, you can bring Mara Jade, or for one more point there is a smorgasbord of better 7 point Jedi. These criticisms are valid, and we will be watching Davith in future seasons to see if he needs another, more invasive procedure from the Steering Committee in a future season.

The final card we’re taking a close look at is Doctor Aphra. The good Doctor is one of the most talked about figures this season because she combines two never-before-seen abilities: one that references specific other figures (instead of traits), and another that allows the immediate reuse of 0 and 1 cost cards (as compared to Leia’s shuffling any card back). This combination pulls Aphra in multiple possible list-building directions. This dichotomy was intentional. Like the Aphra of the comics, IACP Aphra is a tricky one to figure out, and she is flexible enough to fit in many contexts.

We on the Steering Committee received some comments saying she was too powerful and some saying she was too weak. We believe this is a good place for a tricky figure like Aphra to be, and we are glad she passed the vote. If she poses problems in the future, we will reexamine her. For the time being, we look forward to seeing what the Community does with her in Season 5 Approved Play and beyond!

What’s Next?

Once again, we are glad to be able to work closely with this wonderful community to keep this wonderful game alive. In the most literal sense, this Project would be dead in the water without you guys. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your enthusiasm and attention.

The next step in this grand journey we call the Imperial Assault Continuity Project is Season 5 Approved Play! We will be announcing a series of Organized Play events in the near future, so keep your eyes glued to the IACP website! In the meantime, join the discussion on Slack, Discord, and Facebook! We love to hear from our devoted community.

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