Of Course I know him, he’s me!

Hello there,

I’m Morgan Gee, and I’ve been asked to join the IACP Steering committee. This is my story:

This is my war(gaming) face…

A long time ago, in a country far far away, I joined a Boardgame meetup at a little pub in Cambridge, UK. It was there that I was introduced to an FFG game: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game. I fell immediately into addiction love with the game, and it wasn’t long until I had curated a small collection of little plastic ships I could dogfight with. I was entranced by the level of strategy provided by list-building, theory-crafting, and maneuvering lists to compete in intense duels. Little did I know that this would be my first steps into a larger world of Boardgaming as a hobby.

Stay in attack formation…

I made fast (and as it turns out, long-lasting) friends of my meetup group and explored all kinds of incredible games. It wasn’t long before I realized that X-wing wasn’t giving me quite as much as it had when I had begun to collect it, and I began searching for similar games to scratch that strategic itch. It was at none other than the famed UK Board Game Expo that I was given an opportunity to try out a demo of Star Wars: Imperial Assault. My friends and I sat down to play the “Aftermath” mission from the campaign. I was instantly enthralled by it’s incredible miniatures, immersive storytelling, and exciting gameplay and picked up my own copy later that month to play my first campaign with my housemates. The campaign was every bit as brilliant as I imagined it would be, and I would frequently go to bed thinking about how I could optimize my character (My girl, Diala) in our next mission.

During this time, I played a couple of local skirmish matches against friends, but wasn’t aware of the competitive scene. It wasn’t until I had moved to Canada’s west coast that I began to look for more Imperial Assault skirmish resources online. It was here that I discovered our very own Jake Petersen’s Twin Troopers Blog and Podcast. After reading/listening to the backlog of articles/episodes, I knew that competitive skirmish was something I wanted desperately to become part of. I discovered that Vancouver had a local group that met up every other weekend and decided to join up.

The first list I brought was inspired by a TwinTroopers article about the Smuggler Box (something that the current community may know is still a favourite archetype of mine). I believe I went 1-2 my first tournament, if I recall correctly and struggled mightily against a list archetype many will not have heard of: Spectre Cell. It’s a good thing I never had to play against that particular archetype again……

Whomp whomp…

After a few tournaments, I was able to participate in our local Vancouver FFG IA Regional tournament, one where two relative unknowns Kyle Bossom and Daniel Taylor came across the border to clean up the tournament. I didn’t make the top cut, but ended up winning the side tournament the TO hosted for those that didn’t make the cut. Being top loser was an accomplishment that helped me realize that I was actually pretty okay at this game.

Since that time, I have joined Zion’s Finest slack channel under the handle Mastermoge and continued to stay connected since. Good thing too, since FFG shut down OP support during what felt like my IA adolescence. The IACP has provided continued support through immense effort and love poured in by it’s various Steering Committee members. I have loved each season of balancing and content creation the IACP have crafted, and I have been flattered, honoured, and overjoyed to be included in the ranks of the IACP Steering committee. I hope to bring my strategic mind and love for IA to provide a unique perspective and voice to the committee, and I look forward to serving the community to the best of my ability. I am constantly aware of the design talent and effort of both the past and current Steering Committee members and hope that I can live up to the incredibly high standards they have held themselves to over the past few years.

Though much to learn, I still have, I will do what I must to aid in the continued success of the IACP.

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