Season 6 Preview: A Song of Ice and Fire

Happy Tuesday! We’ve got another IACP Season 6 preview for you today. This one is all about opposites: old and new, one and many, ice and fire.

Let It Snow

First, let’s shovel some snow and see if we can’t dig up some old, forgotten gems that never really had their time in the sun to begin with. I’m speaking, of course, about the Snowtroopers.

The council had been struggling with what to do with Snowtroopers for quite some time; much longer than I’ve even been on it. Many ideas have been bandied about, and I think the only original element that remains is that they are a 3-figure group, as they were when first introduced back in Return to Hoth, the same box set that brought us Negation. After all that, I am very happy with what we’ve come up with.

If the art looks familiar, that is because it was used in Legion for the T-7 Ion Disruptor Rifle — the very same weapon which features prominently in Zeb’s backstory, outlined in Season 1 of the Rebels animated series. We decided to bring this element into their card by giving Snowtroopers the Disruptor Rifle ability from Season 4’s The Mandalorian, making them particularly effective at putting already-damaged foes on ice.

And since they’re used to operating under harsh conditions, we’ve given them Onar’s Immune ability. This makes them pair particularly well with cards like Concentrated Fire and To the Limit. This Immunity, combined with their Spiked Boots preventing them from being pushed (except when a Massive figure lands on them) and Efficient Travel making it hard to block their movement, means that it will be difficult for your opponents to stop the Snowtroopers’ inexorable advance!

I See Fire

But what about the new hotness? For two seasons now, the Mortar Trooper has stood alone as the sole Squad Upgrade. No more! Now it is the Flametrooper’s turn to blaze that trail. Able to be attached to any 2-figure Imperial Trooper group, the Flametrooper can add some extra firepower any Trooper list.

At a sturdy 9 health, the Fireproof Flametrooper can wade into close-range combat, where he can torch the Empire’s enemies with his Blast and Incinerate. The wording on the latter ability allows it to work with other cards as well, such as Heavy Fire and Collateral Damage, that add damage after the attack is resolved.

But wait. What is a Napalm token?

Napalm Token: A space containing this token is difficult terrain. When a figure enters or starts its activation in this space, that figure suffers 2 .

A Napalm token creates a permanent fire effect that will make traversing the battlefield a perilous venture for your opponents.

Since the Flametrooper can be paired with any 2-figure Trooper group, his options are diverse. Will he wade into the thick of it with Riot Troopers to help him strain the enemy into submission, or will he provide extra artillery to a set of Heavy Troopers, who reduce his cost to 4.

…and yes, that interaction does allow an ISB Infiltrator to grant the Flametrooper an attack with Coordinated Raid, thanks to the reduced cost from Modular.

Red vs. Blue

Which of these non-unique Imperial Troopers are you most excited to see on the table/vassal screen? Will you be burning up the competition with the Flametrooper, or will you serve your opponent’s some cold hard defeat with the Snowtroopers? And can I fit any more hot/cold puns into this article? Yes, I probably could, but that’s enough for now. Check back tomorrow for another season 6 spoiler!

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