Season 6 Preview: Squad Tactics

One of the main goals of the Steering Committee is to ensure that rarely played OG FFG figures get updated or rebalanced to be viable in competitive meta. With this in mind, we took a crack at giving facelifts to a couple of “premium” support figures to lead Rebel Trooper corps to victory.

Precision and Cohesion

Ko-Tun Feralo is a figure the IACP tried to solve through a simple point reduction in an earlier season, but she unfortunately didn’t make the kind of impact we’d hoped for in the meta.

Instead, we are trying a fresh look at a 7-point Ko-Tun with some nifty new abilities to synergize with her power token motif.

The New and Improved Cerean Commander you know and love…

Arms Distribution allows our rebel quartermaster to pass out 2(!) power tokens at the start of her activation to nearby figures (or herself!). Zee-Gads! That’s twice the amount of power tokens/turn as the original Arms Distribution ability! The armaments requisitioned by our Cerean Commander are Dead Precise, allowing for increased effectiveness against enemy armour and evasion tech. And finally, her Squad Cohesion ability allows for your rebel figures to share their power tokens with each other, allowing for nearby rebels to essentially have access to more than two power tokens. Feel free to load up your Cunning smugglers with evade tokens as they can still use damage or surge power tokens from other figures in their boxes. Tired of not being able to use the damage power tokens from your Tempted C3P0? No more, I say! Use that otherwise worthless damage power token on an attack from Han instead, making dead sure it can’t be dodged!

Spray and Pray

“Battle is the Great Redeemer. It is the fiery crucible in which true heroes are forged.” Bill Paxton said that in Edge of Tomorrow, but it encapsulates the oeuvre of at least one angry geriatric clone trooper. That’s right, CT-1701 a.k.a “Wildfire” is back, baby!

The Clones are back, baby!

The new CT drops a point and gets a buff to his attacks in the form of his unique Cover Fire ability, allowing his shots to provide defensive benefits to himself or nearby figures. This part of the ability isn’t tied to making a successful attack, so even if your target dodges your attack, you’ll still hand out a token. If you do manage to successfully attack a target, you’ll also be able to strip tokens or beneficial conditions from them, as well as surging to weaken them. All in all, you want to be shooting with CT as much as possible, distributing tokens and stripping them from opponents to tilt the battle in your squad’s favour. Make good use of his Barrage ability to lay down some cover fire, and don’t forget to use his guardian trait to further help him keep himself and his squadmates alive.

Attacking also generates damage tokens which can be used by CT or by other figures if you take Ko-Tun along as well, allowing CT to cancel any dodges granted by the additional white die granted by Barrage. Adding either or both of these troopers to your rebel squads is sure to help your squads by providing some offense, while making the rest of the figures around them better.
Keep checking for more Season 6 Spoilers! I’ll just be here figuring out how many power tokens I can get into a rebel list!

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