Season 6 Preview: Here Comes The Cavalry!

Welcome! Gather round and hear the tale of IACP and how they are training their troops for Season 6.

On the distant planet of Tattoine, there is a platoon of Stormtroopers that have developed an unique reputation. Instead of riding speeders or using troop transports, they get around the desert on the native creatures of the planet. While the Dewbacks may look ungainly while moving sluggishly down the streets of Mos Eisley, it’s quite another thing when a giant lizard is charging you with the point of an Shock Lance leading the way.

Better Training Makes Better Troopers

Unfortunately, the Stormtroopers on Tatooine gained a bad reputation for missing droids that pass right in front of them! Recently, this platoon was recalled back for some more training, and they brought their Dewbacks with them. At first the officers laughed at the beasts, but quickly realized there were some significant advantages in combat. So now mounted Troops have received top notch training and returned to the field. With improved Shock Lance skills and Professional marksmanship, these Troopers have learned quite a bit. Their mounts have been busy training too, and now move with Efficient Travel over the battlefield, ensuring that rubble, water, and even enemy soldiers will not slow them down!

Also during training, a memo was sent out from Coruscant, with some instructions on how to provide better Covering Fire tactics. These new tactics have allowed all Imperial (and Rebel, and Mercenary) Troopers to access this strategy with much more ease for a greater impact on the battlefield. With this addition to Imperial Assault, Troopers of all factions will become much more lethal for a round. With the new Covering Fire, the more Troopers you have, the more likely you will be able to make multiple uses of the Stun or the additional plus 2 damage! Thus, lists with the most Troopers will be able to best use this card.

We on the Steering Committee hope that you enjoy these additions to the Trooper archetype, and that you can use the Dewback Rider to make your Imperial lists more powerful and more versatile. All hail the Emperor!

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