Season 6 Preview: Rules to Follow

Here we are folks! After two weeks of exciting spoiler articles for IACP Season 6, here we are at the very last set of cards. We’ve seen Dark Troopers and their Moff Gideon. We’ve seen the infantry forces of the Rebel Alliance buffed through improved Echo Base Troopers, new Trooper Heroes, and the Rebel faction’s FIRST Squad Upgrade, and we’ve seen a swath of Scum and Villainy infect the Mercenary faction through greats such as Bib Fortuna and Migs Mayfeld. But you may have noticed a theme for this Season.

Unlike the previous IACP Seasons, the Steering Committee specifically wanted to focus of the Season’s content toward a specific corner of the Star Wars universe: Season 2 of The Mandalorian. This has given us, so far, plenty of new models and cards to play around with in the Scum and Imperial factions… Yet the Rebellion seems to still be falling short! Well, ladies and gentlemen, that ends today

Cara Dune

Shooting her way into IACP Season 6 is the Marshal of the New Republic, Cara Dune! Cara is a powerhouse in any situation she finds herself in, be it shooting her way onto an Imperial Cruiser, or wrestling The Mandalorian on a desolate, backwater world. And over the course of several battles, Cara was more than able to prove her capability at standing her ground against an army of Imperial forces, eventually seeing her reach the rank of Marshal in the New Republic, recruited back into the former Rebel Alliance.

Suitably, Cara Dune in-game is yet another powerhouse of a character. Coming in at 9 points, she’s competing for the same slot as staple Rebellion queen pieces such as Han Solo or Luke Skywalker, but boy does she have the stats to back it up. With a health of 14 and an attack pool of two Red dice and a Blue die, she can take a hit better than most, and dish out a devastating attack in return. But that’s not all!

Over the course of the past few seasons, the Rebel faction has been criticized as having many options for a few play styles. In other words, the vast majority of IACP Rebel cards have been 5-7 point Brawlers. For this season, we truly wanted to break that mold, and give Cara a niche of her own. And with her high cost, short range and the Heavy Weapon trait, she is sure to do just that!

Yet one of the strongest abilities the dropper veteran has is Hunker Down, allowing her to use her nearby surroundings as fortified cover to give her increased defensiveness. This additional evade will prove invaluable to her upon the battlefield, stopping other monsters such as Darth Vader from using their powerful Surges to slice through her health.

And with the Brawler keyword and Smash (Allowing her to push and damage adjacent enemy models as she tackles them to the ground), Cara is bound to be able to get in close to the action, and deal a bunch of damage as she blows the bucket heads asunder.

A Master of Terrain

Cara Dune is well-known for her covert usage of terrain to devastating effect, seemingly leaping out of nowhere to tackle her opponent to the floor. And this is no better represented than on her Command Card, allowing her to move up next to and Smash her attacker upon declare. Not only does this allow Cara to hurt her quarry before they even get a chance to attack her, but she could even avoid the attack completely by pushing them to a space from which Line of Sight cannot be drawn, or perhaps even killing them outright through the usage of Parting Blow on her Smash, allowing her to get a devastating shot out before even rolling to defend. Greedo is certainly not going to like going up against this Rebel hero, and neither will anyone else.

And with that, the Spoiler Articles for IACP Season 6 draw to a close. We appreciate everyone following along these last two weeks, and I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are STOKED with this Season, and can’t wait to see what the Playtest Period will bring. We’ll see you on Monday for the official IACP Season 6 Launch. Happy gaming!

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